Hello everyone! (via Astronomy Journal Club)

I thought I’d interrupt the preparation of my talk, which has been brought forward to 10.15 this morning, to reblog this interesting experiment. I guess most people likely to be interested will have heard about it on twitter, but for those who haven’t please have a look.

I’m not sure how successful it will be – that 140 character limit looks like a challenge when discussing a technical paper – but you never know!

Welcome all and thanks for your interest in the twitter astronomy journal club! The general idea is that we meet up on twitter at a prearranged day and time and discuss an interesting piece of astronomy research. This will generally take the form of an academic paper, but we could also include some articles too. Everyone's welcome to participate, whether you know anything about the topic or not. This is all inspired by the original Twitter Journa … Read More

via Astronomy Journal Club

One Response to “Hello everyone! (via Astronomy Journal Club)”

  1. Thanks for plugging this.

    We have now set the date/time and paper to be discussed at the first meeting.

    Details can be found at the Astronomy Journal Club Schedule page.

    Everyone welcome. Just download the paper (free, no registration required) and then use the hashtag #astroJC to join in the discussion.

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