Please Fire Me

Here comes another alpha male,
and all the other alphas
are snorting and pawing,
kicking up puffs of acrid dust

while the silly little hens
clatter back and forth
on quivering claws and raise
a titter about the fuss.

Here comes another alpha male–
a man’s man, a dealmaker,
holds tanks of liquor,
charms them pantsless at lunch:

I’ve never been sicker.
Do I have to stare into his eyes
and sympathize? If I want my job
I do. Well I think I’m through

with the working world,
through with warming eggs
and being Zenlike in my detachment
from all things Ego.

I’d like to go
somewhere else entirely,
and I don’t mean

by Deborah Garrison

4 Responses to “Please Fire Me”

  1. speaking as a gamma male myself – I can sympathise with the sentiments. What a great poem though.

    • Sam Cook Says:

      a gamma male? pah! you got it easy… when I t’were lad…

      wait that’s the wrong joke.

      Nice poem. At least in academia everything is based on rigor and intelligence… wait that’s wrong as well.

      I’ll go back to my cave

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Nobody’s stopping her…

  3. telescoper Says:

    I don’t know any alpha males. But I know a few blokes who think they are 🙂

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