Rehab… a place near Marrakesh, a fact I didn’t know until I stumbled across this long lost original recording by Noel Coward of the song later made famous by the late Amy Winehouse.

4 Responses to “Rehab…”

  1. Hm, I found this to be in bad taste really.

    • telescoper Says:


      It’s an affectionate parody of Noel Coward and the song, rather than a dig at Amy Winehouse. It makes no comments at all about drugs, in fact. I think it’s hilarious, and not at all disrespectful.

      • To see it posted so soon after Amy Winehouse’s death, I find the timing of posting to be in poor taste. But, that’s just my opinion 🙂

        And, I did see it before I saw your posting on her death, which I thought was well written. So, I’m less offended that I was….

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