Best Evidence Yet for Flowing Water on Mars (via Well-Bred Insolence)

A nice blog on the evidence (such as it is) for water on Mars, which is good because it means I don’t have to try writing about it!

I’m not sure it is water. That dark colour suggests to me it might be Guinness…

Best Evidence Yet for Flowing Water on Mars NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has discovered what amounts to the best evidence yet for liquid water on Mars.  Let's be clear though, it's not exactly a flowing spring, and you're unlikely to be drinking this stuff fresh out of the ground, but the odds are now much better for extremophilic bacteria surviving on the Red Planet. The results were reported in Science today (I was able to access through University subscriptions, but I am afraid th … Read More

via Well-Bred Insolence

14 Responses to “Best Evidence Yet for Flowing Water on Mars (via Well-Bred Insolence)”

  1. If it’s Guiness then this shows the Irish have already been there.

  2. Yikes, I’d be shot in some places for mispelling “Guinness”.

  3. Adrian Burd Says:

    It is curious that the dark streaks appear to come from only one side, not the other. It looks as if there is a significant slope on the upper left hand side of the image as well. I would have thought that, if it were present, water would have flowed down both sides creating streaks originating from either side of the “valley”. It could be the source of liquid (if that is indeed the root cause) is isolated on one side, or that some geological structure allows it to flow from one side and not the other.

    Curiouser and curiouser said somebody or other….


    • telescoper Says:

      That thought occurred to me also 🙂

      I wondered if it might indicate that the tongues of dark coloured material might have resulted from wind erosion rather than the flow of liquid matter.

      It also seems strange that they are that shape, rather than being more “fractal” – it suggests a large viscosity, like treacle.

  4. Monica Grady Says:

    Not Guinness, but mineral water. It contains a fair amount of CO2, so would be a bit fizzy. If I had £1 for every news story about the discovery of water on Mars, I’d be able to fund my research, which is looking for evidence of water on Mars……

  5. David Whitehouse Says:

    Veteran newsman Bill Rogers has a take on this story.

  6. Bryn Jones Says:

    As I’ve said before, you’ve got to admire astrobiologists: they’re doing their very best to find their second data point.

  7. Monica Grady Says:

    True – only cosmologists can claim that.

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