The Hawking Paradox on BBC iPlayer

I just heard at lunchtime that a TV programme I was in was recently repeated on BBC4 and is consequently now available on BBC i Player, so I thought I’d advertise it on here.  I didn’t see the broadcast myself, because I scarcely watch TV these days.

The programme was originally made for the BBC TV series Horizon and first broadcast in the UK in 2005. You’ll find yours truly in a couple of places, when I was working at the University of Nottingham and had more hair. In fact I got quite a bit of stick, from some people at a certain University I used to attend, for being insufficiently reverential in my comments about Stephen Hawking but, for what it’s worth, I stand by everything I said. I do admire him enormously as a physicist, but I think his very genuine contributions are sometimes lost in the cult that has developed around him.

Anyway, I thought the programme turned out relatively well but you can watch it yourself by clicking here and form your own opinion!

2 Responses to “The Hawking Paradox on BBC iPlayer”

  1. …you should try iplayer more often (i assume you are paying for it anyway). there is a “new observatories” horizon programme which nicely links your hawking and macguffin stories.

    and i thought you came out credibly from the hawking-fest…

  2. telescoper Says:

    I heard about that programme, but haven’t seen it yet.

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