More Cosmological Haiku

In view of my current rather hectic schedule – why else would I be up at this ungodly hour? – I thought I’d combine another bit of recycling with some audience participation. I’ve updated below the list of Haiku I posted some time ago with some new ones I’ve jotted down at random intervals over the intervening months.

How about a few Haiku of your own on themes connected to astronomy, cosmology or physics?

Don’t be worried about making the style of your contributions too authentic, just make sure they are 17 syllables in total, and split into three lines of 5, 7 and 5 syllables respectively.

Here are some of my own to get you started:

Quantum Gravity:
The troublesome double-act
Of Little and Large

Gravity’s waves are
Traceless; which does not mean they
Can never be found

The Big Bang wasn’t
So big, at least not when you
Think in decibels.

Constant and Dark Energy
Are vacuous names

Microwave Background
Photons remember a time
When they were hotter

Isotropic and
Homogeneous metric?

Galaxies evolve
In a complicated way
We don’t understand

Type Ia Supernovae
Gave us the first clue

Cosmic Inflation
Could have stretched the Universe
And made it flatter

Is what I’m told is my Job
Title. Whatever.

“Clusters look cool,”  said
Sunyaev and Zel’dovich,
“because they are hot”.

is produced by inflation,
normally speaking.

Gravity waves are
a kind of perturbation;
they make you tensor

Bubble collisions
Leave marks in the C-M-B
To please A. Linde

This Haiku contains
“Baryon Oscillations”
in its middle line.

What should we build next:
S-K-A or E-L-T?
Or maybe neither…?

J W* S T,
(the James Webb Space Telescope);
long name, big budget

* “W” has to be pronounced “dubya” for this one to work!

Contributions welcome via the comments box. The best one gets a chance to win Bully’s star prize.

14 Responses to “More Cosmological Haiku”

  1. If no one arrests
    our planetary system,
    chaos will break loose.

  2. Reading random blogs:
    I want to work hard today
    but just can’t be asked

  3. Superluminal
    Motion Imaginary ?
    Complex numbers here.

    What we see is the
    Observable Universe
    In a Telescope

    Physics A-level ?
    Go to the top of the class
    Oh, department’s closed

    Are they suppose to sound like crossword clues ?

  4. Cyclic universe
    it’s not quite playing the game
    according to Hoyle

  5. Baryon acou-
    (no hope of fitting it in)
    -stic oscillations

  6. space and energy
    take away relative time
    from spiritual quests

    (non-hailu cosmological poems at


    Since looking closer,
    we don’t speak of empty space.
    There is no such thing.

     Amidst quantum foam,
     virtual particle pairs
     appear and vanish.

    Values we define
    by measurement cause collapse
    of the probable.

    Values we define
    by capacity cause collapse
    of whatʼs possible.

    by expectation causes
    potential collapse.

  9. Since you’re moderating, can you change the middle haiku before posting to:

    Values we define
    by capacity collapse
    what is possible.

    Thanks, it’s better scansion (syllable count).

    Dust coalesces
    in orbital overture –
    music of the spheres.

    One, solo photon
    splits at double slits and then
    behaves like waves. Splash!

    Single photon shot
    through two slits at the same time —
    Splash! Light laps likes waves.

    The lone, quantum bit,
    unlike Frost, chooses both paths,
    interferes with self.

    Particle photon
    concurrently through twin slits —
    Flash! Light is now waves.

  12. […] with the form of Japanese poetry known as Haiku. I’ve even had a go at producing some cosmological Haiku myself. I suspect rather fewer will have come across another form known as Tanka. Being 31 syllables […]

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