Now’s The Time

I’m up early and going to be out of here for the day, so here’s a bit of music to keep you going. It’s another of Charlie Parker‘s variations on the blues in F, this time called Now’s the Time.  It’s definitely one of the bluesiest of Bird’s blues, and indeed it’s quite close to the usual 12-bar chord progression:

| F7| F7| F7 |F7 | B♭7| B♭7| F7| F 7| C7| B♭7| F7| F7|

In fact this goes – if I’ve heard it right –

| F7| F7 | F7| F7| B♭7| B♭7|F7| D7| Gmi| C7| F7| C7|

No doubt people will correct* me for having cloth ears if I’m wrong but in any case it’s an all-time classic, so enjoy!

*Indeed so, and a more accurate set of changes that has been suggested to me is

F7|Bb7|F7|Cmi7 F7| Bb7|Bb7|F7|D7#9| Gmi7|C7|F7 D7|Gmi7 F7|

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