Concerning Torments

On a lighter note, I couldn’t resist posting this completely wonderful anagrammatical map of the London Underground. You’ll have to view the image at higher resolution (which you can do by clicking on it) to see it in its full glory, but it’s worth it…


Now, who fancies a game of Mornington Crescent Concerning Torments?

3 Responses to “Concerning Torments”

  1. Let’s start at “Swearword & Ethanol” … sounds like a great name for a pub !

    I’m sure I’ve seen celestial version of the London Underground somewhere.

  2. That brings back memories. I used to travel between Aloe Wort and No Suet all the time. On the way Queerer Elastics and Newt Arrester were always busy stops though.

    Wonderful map, thank you!

  3. telescoper Says:

    I should have mentioned that I used to live at Nether Bangle.

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