Another Crossword Competition

Flushed with success after winning a prize in the Saturday Independent crossword competition (even if it is yet another dictionary) and flying high at No. 6 in the Azed Annual Honours List I thought I’d have another go at setting a puzzle for my readers. There were some complaints that my last crossword was too difficult, so here is a slightly simpler one for you:

Across                                                       Down

1  Current symbol for ego?                    1  One visual organ, we hear


8 Responses to “Another Crossword Competition”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    Errr. Let’s see. 1 across, 1 letter.

    Is the answer “U”?

    (Ego means “I”, and if you are saying it currently, it’s you, and the letter U sounds like “you”.
    That’s 1 across done. Now 1 down.
    If you look at an organ – the musical instrument – as you listen to it, you notice pipes, and pipes often have U-bends.)

    Do I win a prize?

  2. Argh! It doesn’t have π-rotational symmetry.

  3. George Ford Says:

    ‘Current’ symbol, “I” like it.

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