A Big Idea

I thought I’d share this, part of the Big Ideas series produced by Cardiff University, because it features our own Haley Gomez:

In the video Haley explains how enormous quantities of dust have been found by astronomers in the School of Physics & Astronomy. We just can’t get the cleaning staff, you see. In fact more recently there have also been discoveries of damp, mould, crumbling ceilings and broken windows.

I don’t want to steal Haley’s thunder in any way, but I should mention that an even more startling discovery has recently been made elsewhere in the School of Physics & Astronomy at Cardiff University. In my office, in fact.  Not  dust, but anti-dust!

16 Responses to “A Big Idea”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    What happens when pasta and antipasto mix in your stomach?

    NB Men particularly like dust because they are made from it (Genesis 2:7).

  2. Not just “dust-free” but “anti-dust”. Impressive!

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    I thought that cheese was anti-chalk.

    I believe that ‘anti’ in Geek can mean ‘alternative’ as well as ‘against’…

  4. Albert Zijlstra Says:

    Planets form out of dust. So anti-dust could be dangerous. A WMD, perhaps?

  5. telescoper Says:

    Are there any planets in the constellation of Crayola?

  6. Bryn Jones Says:

    Do I remember “Cosmic Anti-Dust” chalk in British universities years ago (instead of Crayola)?

    Or am I imagining it?

    • telescoper Says:

      It most definitely did exist, you can see a picture here, but I’m not sure if it still does…

    • Bryn Jones Says:

      Yes, I thought so.

      While lecturing once, I grasped the top edge of the blackboard, unaware that chalk dust had accumulated there over the years. There was a long line of chalk dust right along the top edge of the board. Horrible stuff.

    • telescoper Says:

      There’s an even better advert here:

      Cosmic Crayon Co Ltd of Bedford - advert, 1941

      They don’t make them like that any more!

      • Bryn Jones Says:

        I see. And produced in a very grand factory in Bedford.

        Although the advert states that the company headquarters were in London, and, coincidentally, looking at the address, I must have walked past the building on my way to a concert earlier this evening. I didn’t notice what is there today, unfortunately.

    • No I remember Cosmic chalk too. It had a kind of ceramic skin.

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