Polished Cox

It looks like impressionist Jon Culshaw has been working hard on Cox in his spare time judging by the following, rather polished, article recently unveiled on TV:



4 Responses to “Polished Cox”

  1. “Ah. Exotic locations . That’s why I luv physics”

    Next series: The Wonders of Me” (subt. The Life of Brian Cox)
    Imaculately conceived after a “crisis” with a Mk 1 Casio Scientific Calculator in 1967, son to a teller and a struggling junior bank manager. Walked the wilderness of Oldham, a D:reemer. Plucked by aliens, who showed him the wonders of the universe.
    Teeth. Hair. Orange pippins.
    The new Messiah of Popular Physics ?
    No. He’s a very naughty boy.

    PS. Have you got his new book on Quantum Physics ?
    PPS. Telescoper, time to get [back] on the telly ?

  2. Now that’s pretty awesome….

  3. Daniel Mortlock Says:

    Gaffa tape truly is a wonder of the Solar System.

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