Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 73

I think Cambridge astrophysicist Mike Hobson bears more than a passing resemblance to  Norwich City  Coventry City Newcastle United Blackburn Rovers Liverpool West Ham United  Manchester City Cardiff City  Liverpool  striker Craig Bellamy. I wonder if, by any chance, they might be related?


7 Responses to “Astronomy Look-alikes, No. 73”

  1. You might be right. I see that Bellamy is known for his “The anisotropy of the opponent’s comic microweave backfour, Bayesian dribbling techniques, Star-formation in Cardiff clubs, and Radiative football transfers”. I think these are footballing terms.

  2. Mark McCaughrean Says:

    I would have gone for Craig Bellamy and Steve Smartt, but … 😉

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