It’s that time again…

Today was the day for the first home game of the RBS Six Nations for Wales, so Cardiff was absolutely buzzing with that special atmosphere that only rugby and an influx of 80,000 people into a city with a population of 325,00 can bring. I was out and about earlier on but had to watch the game on TV as I lack the wherewithal to get tickets for occasions of such immensity. Wales were red-hot favourites for this game, and won comfortably enough in the end against Scotland although the game was closer than the 27-13 scoreline might suggest; Scotland had a try incorrectly disallowed, which might have made all the difference. The Scots fans also played their part, some of them camping out in the park near my house in the freezing cold for two nights before today’s game, and offered a fine rendition of Flower of Scotland before the kick-off. But there’s something special about the Welsh National Anthem on days like this. I’m glad they’ve dispensed with the professional pop singers that they’ve sometimes used to lead the singing. Wales is a nation that doesn’t need to pay people  to sing for it…

5 Responses to “It’s that time again…”

  1. That’s a better rendition of the Welsh national anthem than this one.

  2. Sigh, while the National Anthem is good, it was not my fav singing at the Millenium Stadium. Nothing can beat 80000 welsh people singing “Delilah”, especially when it’s being led by Max Boyce.

    Unfortunately, can’t get to see the games out here – their only on cable 😦

  3. Ack – their should be they’re (excuse – just got off a plane after crossing the Pacific)

  4. telescoper Says:

    I resisted the temptation to rant about the French decision to move their game back to 8pm on Saturday thus ensuring that the pitch would freeze in the cold weather. The result was the first 6 Nations match to be postponed for absolutely ages, and no doubt many extremely angry Irish fans in Paris on Saturday night,

  5. Anton Garrett Says:

    One of the great national songs. (I don’t say “National Anthem” because the de facto national song is not always the national anthem, although the Welsh are sensible enough to get this right.) We were taught this by our Welsh primary school headmaster in Greater Manchester and I am always glad to join in. Other great national songs include Flower of Scotland, Land of Hope and Glory, La Marseillaise, Finlandia, the Soviet national anthem, and perhaps above all the Hungarian national anthem…

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