Cambridge Entrance Examination – Physics (1981)

In response to a request to a while ago when I posted the Mathematics paper, here is the Physics paper I took as part of the Cambridge Entrance  Examinations way back in 1981.

I’ve decided to try out Qu. 13 on my third-year students doing Nuclear and Particle Physics this year just for fun. Other comments on the content and/or difficulty are welcome through the box below!

7 Responses to “Cambridge Entrance Examination – Physics (1981)”

  1. – These get more depressing with each one you post! If that is what you need to know BEFORE you go to university!

    – I really like the idea, which i’ve never seen before, of having 15 mins to read the paper before you are allowed to start writing. I think that would not be a bad idea for all exams.

    – I would be genuinely interested to read a well explained “model answer” to question 13. Anyone?

    – What text book does anyone use at university for nuclear (as opposed to particle) physics? “Krane” was used in my day.

    Regards Steve

  2. The instructions are about the hardest part of the thing. How do you ‘complete a “birdcage”‘?

  3. Thanks a lot for posting this. I wont look at it now because at some point I want to do it properly in exam conditions so I can compare it to my STEP (Sixth term examination paper) paper I took in 2001.

    By the way I never responded to your comments about A level physics exams being roughly the same difficulty now as when you took them. Have you given your students questions from that A level paper in 1981? I’d be surprised if they could answer many of them.

    • Yes, I did. They weren’t unduly troubled by those questions. I’m not sure how well the staff would cope, however…

  4. Hi – do you have a copy of a general paper. Students studying The History Boys would find it a great help. Thanks.

    I took these exams in 1978 any of the ones I would have taken as an engineering student would be greatly appreciated.

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