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In Memoriam Jocky Wilson

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So. Farewell then
Jocky Wilson.

You finished
On Sixty-Two.

I would have gone
Triple Ten
Double Sixteen.

But it would be
More like you
To opt for

by P. Coles (aged 48¾)

Im Frühling

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We’re enjoying a spell of perfect weather at the moment, so I’m going to be out most of the afternoon enjoying the flowers and trees in Bute Park. I assume  I’m not in danger of being run over by a lorry speeding along the paths, since I don’t think they work on Sundays. Anyway, BBC Radio 3 is devoting the period until the end of March to a “Spirit of Schubert” festival, so I thought I’d join in by posting an appropriately seasonal ditty. This is Im Frühling (D. 882) (“In Spring”), sung by Peter Pears with piano accompaniment by Benjamin Britten way back in 1950. Gives me a lovely glow inside listening to this. I hope you feel the same..