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A Walk in Bute Park

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Yesterday evening as I walked home through Bute Park I thought I’d take a few pictures with my phone to remind myself at a future date what beautiful weather we’re having and how splendid the trees and flowers are looking. It’s great to see so many people enjoying this beautiful park these days; fortunately the Council seems to have suspended the regular traffic of heavy vehicles along the paths, at least for the time being.

Unfortunately at around the time I took these pictures, something much less pleasant was happening a few hundred yards away near Cardiff Station. I’ve no idea what went on, but thankfully it looks like nobody received life-threatening injuries…

Anyway, neither Cherry nor May Blossom lasts very long – the Magnolias are already dropping their flowers – so let’s make the most of them while we can!

Cardiff Castle behind the trees

Even the Weeping Willow looks happy...although it's a bit of a concern that the water level in the Taff is so low...

Now here’s a question. Is it just me, or is the May Blossom appearing earlier nowadays than it used to? It’s definitely out now and it’s not even April yet…

Joy Spring

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Having an early morning cup of tea in the garden just now, as the fine weather continues, I suddenly remembered this classic from 1954. Fortunately someone has put it on Youtube so I can share it right away. This piece will forever be associated with the late great  Clifford Brown who plays trumpet and leads the band, but the real star of the show for me is the arranger, Jack Montrose, who wove a rich  texture around the melody of Joy Spring, with more than a hint of the West Coast “Cool”  that was to dominate the US jazz scene  in later years.