Behind the Scenes at the School Management Group

At a Staff Meeting yesterday it was officially announced that I’ve been “promoted” to Deputy Head of School, with responsibility for Teaching and Learning. Actually,  it’s not so much a promotion as a battlefield commission, as the current holder of this prestigious position is shortly moving to pastures new. People have asking me if anything is going to be re-organized in the new regime. I’m going to suggest quite a few things, in fact, but the main idea I’ve come up with is to separate the administration of the “Teaching” part entirely from that of the “Learning” in order to reflect the fact that there’s absolutely no connection between the two activities. If we then appoint a Director of Teaching and a Director of Learning, I can leave them to do everything while I go down the pub.

As Deputy Head of School, I will be joining the all-powerful Management Group, the School’s elite Politburo which has only four members. One of my aims is to make this organization less secretive and more open. In this spirit, I can reveal this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage taken at the last Management Group meeting. I’m sure the members of the School will sleep more easily in their offices knowing that they’re managed by four such capable individuals.

7 Responses to “Behind the Scenes at the School Management Group”

  1. Franziska Says:


  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    I extend my sincerest condolences following the increase in Telescoper’s administrative duties*.

    * Unless an increase in salary is included.

  3. As a deputy do you get a badge?

    • telescoper Says:

      I hope so.

      • I must say that 4 people does not seem a lot to have on your Management Group – ours has about 15 covering all areas of teaching, research and support. We also have an elected Lecturer-grade staff member there to represent the interests of junior academic staff.

      • telescoper Says:

        Well, all I can say is that it’s obviously a very effective system we have. Just look at how well Cardiff did in the REF and how high we are in the League Tables. Er, no…wait a minute…

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