They don’t make FA Cup finals like these any more..

You have to go back to the 1950s – before even I was born – for the last time my own team won the FA Cup, but they did win it three times in that decade, including in 1952 when they were watched at Wembley by the new Queen Elizabeth II. Sixty years on we’re approaching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, but I don’t think Her Majesty is watching. Neither am I, in fact, because the FA moved back the kick-off to 5.15 from the traditional 3pm. Sacrilege.

P.S. The score in the 1955 FA Cup Final was Newcastle United 3 Manchester City 1. Fans of Manchester United will be hoping that there’s a similar result in tomorrow’s Premiership match between the same two clubs!


6 Responses to “They don’t make FA Cup finals like these any more..”

  1. I assume this refers to some kind of sport or game ? Cos it sure ain’t a beat combo.

    • telescoper Says:

      I think this post is of FA interest to you, Andy.

    • Several footballers have recorded songs in a beat-combo style. Is that something you would both love, or both hate?

      • If I am being more scrupulously honest, as opposed to teasing Peter, he came close to sparking my football nerves. Wind forward another few years to Jimmy Greaves and Danny Blanchflower then you got me. I just kinda lost touch.

        Meanwhile, footballer musical adventures. Err.. well… they don’t tend to do my sort of thing don’t you know, or I suspect, Peter’s.

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  3. My grandad was at the 1955 FA Cup Final, I remember him telling me about Jackie Milburn scoring in the first minute, a record in a Wembley final held until 1997, and Newcastle only winning because Manchester City had to play most of the game with 10 men. Can you tell he was a Citizens fan?

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