Another take on Academic Publishing..

Here’s another take on the Academic Publication racket that I found through a trackback to one of my posts. It misses the point in a number of places, but is well worth a read.

The Dreaded Nat

Following the Wellcome Trust’s announcement regarding their forthcoming open-access journal, eLife and proposed policy that the results of the research they fund will need to be freely available within 6 months of first publication, there has been quite an increase in coverage of the so-called ‘Academic Spring’, in recent weeks, mainly in The Guardian.  Following Alok Jha’s unnecessarily long-winded summary, we had Stephen Curry making the case for open access; predictable hot air from the Government (and RCUK); an Editorial and  letters; followed by a ’roundup’ (apparently an ironic attempt to highlight the repetition and duplication we’d already endured).  The following week saw more letters; Science Blog articles by Mike Taylor and Peter Coles; and, just when we thought it was safe, a fresh re-hashing by John Naughton in The Observer.  I do not intend to attempt a synthesis here: the core issues have been…

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