A bit fed up today, and too tired to post anything substantive, so I thought I’d cheer myself up this lunchtime the old-fashioned way with a bit of Louis Armstrong. This was recorded in 1928 by Satchmo with the later incarnation of the Hot Five, which naturally numbered six people in total. The title, Muggles, has nothing to with Harry Potter but is a slang word popular in 1920s Chicago that refers to a certain smoking material of an illicit nature, to which Mr Armstrong was rather partial all his life and which no doubt contributed to the relaxed atmosphere pervading this recording session..


2 Responses to “Muggles”

    • telescoper Says:

      What an interesting coincidence that some other blogger mentioned muggles just a few days ago!

      To be precise, according to the OED a “muggle” is a marijuana cigarette and in the etymology list there is:

      1928 L. Armstrong (title of gramophone record) Muggles.

      I do love the word “gramophone”.

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