The Ant Whitworth Caption Competition

Last week a number of colleagues joined friends from around the world at a star formation conference in Crete to celebrate the scientific career of our esteemed Professor Anthony Whitworth who recently celebrated his nth birthday (n→∞). I wasn’t there myself, but an anonymous informant (Derek Ward-Thompson) gave me this photograph of said Professor, apparently taken at the conference dinner:

Don’t ask me what’s going on, but I think this picture is ripe fodder for a caption competition!

Please let me have your suggestions through the comments box…

24 Responses to “The Ant Whitworth Caption Competition”

  1. I believe this is my supervisor demonstrating how the new “dance off” style PhD vivas work.

  2. Prof. Whitworth demonstrates the Collect and Collapse Model, where the new generation of stars is triggered by the collapse of the previous.

  3. Bryn Jones Says:

    “I don’t care how much Mike Disney insists this is the way to simulate star formation, I still don’t believe him.”

  4. Seal caught gate-crashing a star-formation conference, dressed as an astrophysics professor.

  5. telescoper Says:

    Ant Whitworth performs Eric Morecambe’s immortal Jimmy Durante Breakdancing Routine.

  6. telescoper Says:

    “And this is what it would look like if you did it with SPH….”

  7. Body-popping professor found inside paper cup.

  8. telescoper Says:

    “Are you sure this is safe? I’ve never done nasal sex before…”

  9. Determined to get to another drink the legless Professor Whitworth drags himself towards the bar – you have to admire his stamina!

  10. SPH: Smooth Professorial Hijinks

  11. telescoper Says:

    At an entomology conference the rare Professor Ant is lured out of its nest with a cup of rubbing alcohol…

  12. Hilary: “I think you’ve had enough Ouzo”
    Ant: “Ok, I’ll stop drinking as soon as I can peel myself away from this wall”

  13. Antony Worral Thompson gatecrashes yet another astronomy conference.

  14. You think the pavement is crazy, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

  15. Ant expertly catches paper cup in mid-air thrown by crouching man

  16. Uninterested man fixes light bulb

  17. Prof. Whitworth’s drink problem wasn’t the amount consumed, but rather the posture assumed, which often proved awkward at formal soirées

  18. Anton Garrett Says:

    On Crete? It’s a re-enactment of Theseus and the Minotaur.

  19. Tom Shanks Says:

    Mastering the conference data projector instructions in Greek was a challenge but Anthony soon got the hang of it.

  20. Redbreast Says:

    If you think this is humiliating buster wait and see what the PVC’s have to do to keep their jobs.

  21. […] had a bit of fun recently at Ant Whitworth’s expense, I think it’s only fair I should let you have a go at me. Here’s a picture of me taken […]

  22. I can get down but I can’t get up.

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