Lonesome Waterloo Sunset Blues

Just saw the song Waterloo Sunset by the popular beat combo The Kinks in a list of the ten best songs about London in this week’s New Statesman. I wonder if anyone else has noticed the remarkable resemblance between that tune and the classic Lonesome Blues recorded by Louis Armstrong and the Hot Five in 1926, with the main theme played by legendary clarinettist Johnny Dodds:

I wonder if, by any chance, they might be related?

10 Responses to “Lonesome Waterloo Sunset Blues”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    The recent court case regarding Men At Work’s “Down Under” and an earlier Aussie song makes me wonder if this might end up in court. I still think Waterloo Sunset is great though.

    I’ll be doing all I can to miss the trashy Olympic opening ceremony from London tonight. It is beyond me why people pay as much for tickets for these ceremonies as for the best sporting events. I’m looking forward to the next fortnight though.

    • Monica Grady Says:

      Anton- how do you know it is going to be a trashy ceremony? It might be a dignified and glorious pageant of all that is wonderful about this country. Watch it – you never know, you might enjoy it….

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      No way, I’m just back from a good pub without a TV. Every other Olympic opening and closing ceremony I’ve seen on TV has been trashy. I’m about to watch the flame being lit and that’s enough for me until the sport begins. I’m certainly looking forward to that.

      But, inspired to puckishness by the beer…

      One of the media let slip that part of the ceremony told “the story of two girls defying their parents to head out on the town, aided and abetted in meeting their friends by social media. Their journey takes them through nightclubs playing music from the great decades of British popular music.”

      Perhaps Danny Boyle depicted them getting drunk and vomiting on the pavement, then picking up two men who get them pregnant. After Trainspotting that should be mild. Then being given a flat and an allowance on the taxpayer.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      The 1948 Olympic poster was of a universally recognised symbol of Great Britain, the Big Ben tower, plus the Olympic rings and the Discobolus sculpture symbolising ancient Greece and athletes. Perfect. This year’s logo symbolises perfectly a fragmented and disunited country.

      • Monica Grady Says:

        Brave, bold, bonkers and British – or words to that effect from Gary lineker at the end of the show. Yes, some of it was kitsch, lots of it incomprehensible, including Kenneth Branagh as Brunel reading from the Tempest whilst mill chimneys rose up from the floor of the stadium. But hey, it won’t happen again in the uk in my lifetime. And it’s what I pay my taxes and tv license fee for….

      • telescoper Says:

        I watched most of the ceremony. I thought it was a blast.

        Meanwhile the police were arresting 84 people for cycling near the stadium.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        I’m glad to have the Olympics here; it’s specifically the opening (and closing) ceremonies that I’m grumbling about. (And I’m enjoying doing so as much as some enjoyed the ceremony, so hopefully we’re all happy.) Perhaps the ceremony, to portray authentic modern life, shold have included the police giving someone an ASBO for exercising his historic right of free speech.

      • telescoper Says:

        That didn’t happen, but they did arrest 200 cyclists for demonstrating near the stadium by cycling in one of the Olympic lanes.

  2. telescoper Says:

    After a bit of research I found out that Lonesome Blues was written by Lil Hardin, later Lil Armstrong when she became Louis’ first wife. I very much doubt that it was ever properly copyrighted.

  3. Paul Horton Says:

    I have for many years believed that ‘Waterloo Sunset’ was heavily influenced by the great ‘Lonesome Blues’ featuring ‘Johnny Dodds’. Maybe one of the Kinks’ was a ‘Classic Jazz fan’ ?? In musical terms very coincidental….Ha Ha!

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