A Year without Columbo

It’s a year to the day since my old feline friend Columbo passed away. I still miss him, and have indeed felt his absence as strongly as ever over the last few weeks. Still, going through photographs and other memorabilia recently has not been without its therapeutic value. Here are a few pictures over the years, showing how Columbo stayed with me through many changes of hairstyle! Most of the pictures were taken in my flat in Bethnal Green during the 90s; the last one in my house in Beeston, Nottingham. The antepenultimate picture shows Columbo with my mum…

4 Responses to “A Year without Columbo”

  1. Your mum, Columbo and the Toucan – all very attractive and charismatic-looking. You’ll do, too – the shorter hair probably has more lecture-cred!

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Beautiful cat! He didn’t change hairstyle at all…

  3. Robert Kirshner Says:

    Your Mum looks quite confident with a powerful cat.
    She is also wearing a tie.
    Should we draw any conclusions?

  4. A year already? It seems much less than that. Beautiful pictures.

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