Top Tips for Academic Job Interviews..

Not ready yet to resume full-time blogging, but have enough internet access to reassure everyone that I am indeed still alive, and able at least to reblog this nice article by Bruce Bassett, giving advice to anyone preparing for an interview for an academic position….

Cosmology at AIMS

We have recently gone through an extensive senior job search for a joint position and the questions we asked the candidates were fairly generic. But I remember my own early job interviews and how badly prepared I was for them, so I thought it might be of interest to list the questions we asked the candidates and the kind of responses panels are typically looking for. At a certain level these questions are obvious as soon as you put yourself in the shoes of the interview panel, and that would be my single biggest piece of advice. Imagine that you are on an interview panel looking for a colleague. What would you be looking for?

Forbes recently crunched recruiter questions down to three core issues:  “Can you do the job? Will you love the job? And can we tolerate working with you?” In the academic context, where permanent positions…

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2 Responses to “Top Tips for Academic Job Interviews..”

  1. Glad you’re still around Peter, have felt some concern about your ‘mysteries’. Isn’t virtual connection strange – you once assisted me when looking for a recording of a Requiem performed at St David’s, and I’ve learned through your blog what an avid arts-lover you are.

    I don’t always agree with your tweets, but others are very uplifting/informative/funny and I miss your contributions when they’re absent.

    Wonder if there’s a ‘Psychology of Virtual attachment’ or suchlike written yet?

    Very best wishes

    Sue 🙂

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