The Count (Censored)

Since I’ve established a little bit of a horror theme for this week, I think it’s a good idea to continue with this clip of the definitive portrayal of a vampire, i.e. the Count von Count from Sesame Street. I should reassure you all that, although this blog is X-rated, being censored, this particular post is entirely suitable for viewing at work…

2 Responses to “The Count (Censored)”

  1. Although quite different from the Bela Lugosi version most of us know, I quite like the Nosferatu (name changed because of copyright dispute) in the Murnau film (played by Max Schreck, which translates as (a somewhat mild form of) “terror”, apparently his real name) and the Herzog (which, interestingly, means “duke”, though not “count”) “remake” with Kinski. Best is to see both of these and Shadow of the Vampire as a creature triple feature.

  2. telescoper Says:

    Now I’m so very sad. Jerry Nelson, the voice of the Count von Count passed away on 23rd August 2012, just the day after I posted this.

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