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Is the internet making Susan Greenfield say silly things?

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Busy day today so I thought I’d reblog this nice piece. I wonder if Lady Gaga Baroness  Greenfield might have been using the internet too much?


“I didn’t say, and I’ve been misquoted universally, that [technology] rots the brain and it’s bad, I’ve never given value judgements, ever,”
Professor Susan Greenfield, 2011.

I’m writing this, my first ever blog entry, after having attended the talk that Professor Susan Greenfield gave as part of the 2012 British Science Festival in Aberdeen, entitled The 21st Century Mind. The topic that she was speaking about, the influence that our increasing use of computer technology might be having on the development and physiology of our brains, is one that she has presented in numerous television, radio and newspaper interviews and articles.

Her opinion (and it is just that) is that our use of screen-based media, such as social networking and video games, is having a detrimental effect on our behaviour. This is obviously a controversial area and also one that the popular press (especially the Daily Mail) is fond…

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