Is the internet making Susan Greenfield say silly things?

Busy day today so I thought I’d reblog this nice piece. I wonder if Lady Gaga Baroness  Greenfield might have been using the internet too much?


“I didn’t say, and I’ve been misquoted universally, that [technology] rots the brain and it’s bad, I’ve never given value judgements, ever,”
Professor Susan Greenfield, 2011.

I’m writing this, my first ever blog entry, after having attended the talk that Professor Susan Greenfield gave as part of the 2012 British Science Festival in Aberdeen, entitled The 21st Century Mind. The topic that she was speaking about, the influence that our increasing use of computer technology might be having on the development and physiology of our brains, is one that she has presented in numerous television, radio and newspaper interviews and articles.

Her opinion (and it is just that) is that our use of screen-based media, such as social networking and video games, is having a detrimental effect on our behaviour. This is obviously a controversial area and also one that the popular press (especially the Daily Mail) is fond…

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35 Responses to “Is the internet making Susan Greenfield say silly things?”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I question the relevance of neuroscience to her observations, and therefore I doubt that she is an authority on the subject any more than other people – but I do agree with her regarding children, and that does not make me a Daily Mail reader.

  2. Do not blame internet for your brain injury. Rather think how we are going about modern science by misconception and witnessing a revolution in physics with modern astronomy and new ideas of DURGADAS DATTA. Read his new atomic model modifying BOHRS model and his balloon inside balloon theory of matter and antimatter universe on opposite entropy path producing gravitoethertons by annihilation at common boundary and injected into our universe as dark energy which produces gravity and electromagnetism etc. As per his new model of atom ,we do not require weak and strong forces but only gravity and electromagnatism. Now on 4th july, CERN announced the new particle as graviton and electromagon is not yet announced for higher energy collision next month. Let us wait for CERN to announce . Director CERN promised a declaration that new particle is not higgs boson but rather a NEW MODEL suggest a new outlook and NEW PHYSICS. Read the the thories and enjoy and do not blame internet any further. May God bless you .

  3. The protons are also spread out in a inner balloon film and dark energy keeps the charge per unit area constant by positioning at different radius . Outer balloon is occupied by electrons on the same charge per unit area principle. But the neutrons are at common center. All phenomena of spectrum,magnetism and chemical bonding can be explained by simple two balloon theory of orbital manipulation of radius on PLANCKS quata theory . We have to consider wave theory No need of charge point rotation as in solar system and consequent problems in string theory but this is more towards a simple two force–gravity and electro magnetism explanation found in CERN , if we take ether or dark energy as the soup of operation AND THIS WAS DEVELOPED IN YEAR 2002 BY DURGADAS DATTA ,WHICH CERN EXPERIMENT IS SHOWING UP NOW.

    • crackpotkiller Says:

      LMAO, even if you fail in an physics exam (or any legitimate subjects I suspect), you’ll score highest in here:

      • New physics being developed after the recent CERN finding of new particle, which may not be Higgs Boson and standard model is wrong . Some suggestions are forwarded to look into further by experts crackpotkiller if they stop taking exams in physics. May God bless you.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Durgadas, if you want to be taken seriously here then please address my question, as below at 10.22pm Sept 7.

      • As a matter of fact atom consist of two balloons of negative outside with a positive charge inside and neutrons are at common center. Dark energy is giving the configuration by modifying radius to the electrons and protons which is smeared not point charge as we think in our solar model. The strong and weak forces are unnecessary for this model. Electro magons are doing the trick of balance . If you do not understand then do not take this seriously. I am developing the mathematical paper which may be answering your question in near future. Thank you for your concern.

      • You can hardly claim that this is “a matter of fact” when it is pure speculation!

      • CERN has a hint of what I said, and will prove this at 14 TeV collision . My mathematics may be wrong or right unless it is tested and we are blessed with LHC to test our speculation and CERN accepted my theory.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Durgadas, if you have a developed a coherent theory that answers my question then why are you not explaining that answer here in succinct language that the physics community would understand? You are doing the qualitative equivalent of writing down equations without defining the symbols in them. Why should the physics community read your full exposition if you won’t answer this simple question (which was asked long before CERN existed)?

      • Director CERN is examining the results further considering this new model of atom and the dark energy interaction in details. Higgs Boson is not found to the standard model mechanism but a new particle which may be graviton as per my calculations . I am waiting for the electromagon discovery at higher energy collision so that my theory will be tested and I can disclose my mechanism of non standard model which is no doubt evoked a lot of interest to the experimenters at CERN.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Your failure to answer my questions will be noted here – by the very people you wish to impress.

      • CERN will dislodge all the old ideas revising EINSTEIN,NEWTON and BOHR and we have to wait and see what happens next . If my theory stands the test of time then I will show my derivation in the quantum jumps of PLANCK but the dark energy or gravitoetherton soup is vital in this scaffolding. Mono magnetic coupling is to be seen in gravitoethertons which is not yet confirmed by CERN. Your question is orthodox ideas of old physics but we have to develop a new physics.

      • telescoper Says:

        go on, then.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        You seem to be suggesting that my question is based on false suppositions. There aren’t any except that the atom has a nucleus that is positively charged and is a compound entity. In that case, if there is only gravity and emag as you assert, it would blow apart under the mutual repulsion of its positively charged components. If you are challenging my question, are you denying that the atomic nucleus is a conglomerate of (among other things) positive charges? A clear yes or no included in the reply would be appreciated, together with experimental evidence.

      • Negative charge is smeared on outer balloon and positive charge smeared on inner balloon having a common center where neutron sits. The entire space in and out is dark energy as scaffolding and we know gravitoethertons are mono magnetic coupling . The interaction at CERN may shed light on the type of balancing which you are interested to know. Radius of these balloons are depending on number of electron or proton as we normally say assuming point charge in solar model of BOHR. But electron,protons are not point charges but waves etc .

      • telescoper Says:

        How does this picture account for nuclear scattering data that demonstrate the presence of highly localised positive charges in atomic nuclei?

      • The key to this question is the distance of outer balloon and electrons sitting there. Plancks radiation on quantum and scattering is a structural phenomena.

      • Dear Crackpot, Our present physics on assumptions of Einstein and standard model has put me in your list of failures in all physics exam and if you take the exam ,I will fail but I am studying new physics with a fitters job experience. I understand fitting and fixing. Where I have scored highest , my dear Crackpot. ?

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      Doesn’t answer my question, I’m afraid: even if the nucleus is more complicated, there is still an excess of positively charged entities in a very small volume, and gravity isn’t strong enough to hold them together. So, in the absence of other forces than gravity and emag, what does?

  4. Let us wait for the grand experiment in CERN which is partly done and the big surprise is waiting. Many experiments done so far will be proved wrong.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      Your theory has already failed one test: positive charge has been found by scattering experiments to be highly concentrated at multiple points within the atomic nucleus, and if emag and gravity are the only forces then nothing stops those concentrates from flying apart. If you can resolve this problem, ie give a brief qualitative explanation using language that you know physicists will understand, then we shall proceed to the next step in examining your theory. At present you are, by giving an explanation only on your terms, effectively demanding that we spend a lot of time immersing ourselves in a theory that appears to fail in a simple case. Many people who come up with unusual theories actually like this way of arguing, because it gives them an excuse to prevent their theory from being scrutinised by the people most dangerous to it, and enables them to write off mainstream physics as closed-minded. I hope you are not one of those.

      • Are you suggesting the protons also in various orbits as electrons do so that we can avoid strong force . I am looking into the new structure also as you do but mathematics for that is little complicated and I will solve that soon.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        You are replying but ignoring what I am saying. Politicians do that.

      • I am mechanical engineer by profession and physics is my passion . Never ever anybody encouraged me to be a politician. But I believe that scientists are sometimes wrong when it comes to depth of understanding beyond their mathematical models which I sometimes try to point out with my limited mathematical skill. I am trying to answer your question and soon my theory will be published. Please give me some time or help me to publish my ideas with mathematical description in a joint theory with you because physics community may ignore me.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        Durgadas, they ignore you because you won’t answer simple questions like the ones posed here, and if your theory cannot pass that test then there is no point in proceeding further. You presumably qualified as an engineer after a great deal of learning and mastering that body of knowledge, while interacting with expert teachers. Physics is the same: if you are serious about it, you should learn more physics, and if at any point in that process you believe you spot something that mainstream theory cannot answer but your theory can, you should ask your tutors questions. They would welcome it. As it is, you come across to physicists like someone claiming expertise in engineering but who does not properly understand F=ma. Show some genuine respect for the subject.

      • When a mass is falling from height what happens. Two bodies coming closer so force is increasing F=GM.m/r.r and if it is so,then acceleration due to gravity should increase for that mass ,because F=ma. But if you think gravity is mono magnetic repulsion of graviton,then it does not change with height as gravitoethertons are focussed towards center of earth causing molten center and magnetism. You are a good physics teacher and I want to learn your ideas of GRAVITY MECHANISM,EINSTEINS RELATIVITY AND YOUR COSMOLOGY OF ISOTROPIC UNIVERSE COSMOLOGY CONSTANT. Do you understand all these with dark energy and dark matter. Do not talk nonsense if you want to proceed further. I never claimed expertise in anything. Only trying to know from experts like you to help me in my understanding . You will say small values will be neglected. STANDARD MODEL –You say force of gravity is very,very small and ignored. To day when you are looking at graviton in LHC, YOU ARE CONFUSING WITH HIGGS BOSON. What is all these. We engineers are not basic scientists and may have forgotten all physics studied at school level but do not forget lawyer HUBBLE showed the expanding universe. Atomic model was designed when dark energy and matter was unknown . Now our universe is mostly dark energy and dark matter which you do not want to consider in your revised formulas of old ideas of Newton,Einstein, Our universe non isotropic and a swirl and whirl of gravitoethertons soup. COME OUT FROM OLD PHYSICS AND HELP ME TO DEVELOP A NEW PHYSICS. You should not be critical . What I said that F=P.m.a . I also said F=P.G.Mm/r.r . Take the factor of permeability P for gravitoethertons soup as you do in COULOMBS LAW. Do not ignore DARK ENERGY back ground in non uniform field distribution. Even in atomic model.

      • Anton Garrett Says:

        You are in a bind: if you take an advanced course in physics then you believe you will be tainted, yet (I assure you) you need to know more in order to make a serious contribution. I’m afraid it’s your problem. I suggest that you get a degree in pure mathematics, and then you will be well armed to begin a physics course and to recognise, as you go along, your point of departure. This will take you some years, but you will find it educative and worthwhile. You are not genuinely engaging in dialogue here – do you realise that?

      • Thank for the advice. May God bless you.

  5. From standard model we know photons electrmagntic force carriers but if we take photon as only waves and not particles then we have to search for electro magons in CERN.

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