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Views of Arizona

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On the way to the airport on Sunday with my chauffeur, John Peacock, we took the opportunity to make a few detours to take in some of Arizona’s breathtaking scenery. The heat was also fairly breathtaking. I don’t really know how people manage to live out there, actually. Anyway, here are a few snaps I managed to capture with my phone camera.

The first is of course Meteor Crater, which is about 45 miles from Flagstaff:

The crater is about 170m deep and has a diameter of about 1.2km. You can see some mining equipment and other gear at the bottom. Initially people thought there would be the remains of a big iron meteorite buried underneath the crater, but magnetic tests showed that there was no so such thing. Modern understanding is that the meteorite vaporised on impact; evidence for this is found in tiny bits of fused iron that can be found as far as 7km from the impact site.

Here are another two pictures of the beautiful rocky landscape of Arizona which comprises various kinds of sandstone of different hues, including one which is just like terra cotta. Here’s an example of the spectacular formations you can find on the way from Flagstaff to Sedona:


This is Cathedral Rock in the afternoon sunshine

Well, that’s enough exotic travel pictures. Now I’m off to Swindon.