Origins of the Expanding Universe Conference – My Contribution

For those of you interested in such things, here are the slides I used in my talk at the Origins of the Expanding Universe conference. I spoke about the events on and after 29th May 1919, when measurements were made during a total eclipse of the Sun that have gone down in history as vindicating Einstein’s (then) new general theory of relativity. I’ve written quite a lot about this in past years, including a little book and a slightly more technical paper. This was a relevant topic for the conference because it wasn’t until general theory of relativity was established as a viable theory of gravity that an explanation could be developed of Slipher’s measurements of galaxy redshifts in terms of an expanding Universe.

4 Responses to “Origins of the Expanding Universe Conference – My Contribution”

  1. […] a meeting called The Origins of the Expanding Universe in Flagstaff, Arizona. I put the slides up here. Well, the organizers have now put videos of the presentations online so you have the chance to see […]

  2. I received a copy of the proceedings (a real book) a couple of days ago. It appears your contribution didn’t make the book, but I can read it and even see it here on your blog. I’m just back from some swimming and sunbathing and reading John Peacock’s opening contribution. Interestingly, he starts out by telling about his efforts to make electronic versions of Slipher’s work available.

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