Cardiff – The Video

Here’s a nice video promoting Cardiff as a perfect place to be a student.  I presume it doesn’t mention the Opera because that’s for old fogeys like me rather than bright young things like them, but it does feature quite a few other things that might surprise you if you’ve never visited the city before, including Bute Park…

3 Responses to “Cardiff – The Video”

  1. Steve Jones Says:

    they forgot to mention of rich, high quality coal seams and excellent transport links for their exportation.

  2. Good to view. Obviously a promo for the Uni but also gave an interesting overview(never mind pubs and clubs and Malls) of the city, would have been good to see galleries or museums included?

    • The new shopping centres aren’t particularly distinctive or interesting, but the old galleries and arcades really are very nice. The National Museum in Cardiff is really good; it also houses an excellent collection of impressionist paintings.

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