Pseud’s Council

No time for a proper post today – busy busy busy with Week 1 business – but I couldn’t resist passing on the news that the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council has finally made the headlines in a positive way – by appearing in the esteemed column Pseud’s Corner of the high-impact academic journal Private Eye.

This honour arose as a result of the following advertisement:

The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council invites expressions of interest from eligible individuals to attend a five-day interactive sandpit on the theme of digital personhood.

I would have applied had I seen it in time but although I’m a bachelor there’s a strong possibility I wouldn’t have been eligible.


3 Responses to “Pseud’s Council”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    My friends generally tell me that I’m illegible.

    O, what bullshit!

  2. I am just now applying for a PhD where the fees are paid for by the EPSRC on this very topic. The potential supervisor is interested in my proposal and has suggested I look at their strategic research plan on digital personhood the better to beef up my application with their preferred phraseology.

    Just about had a bloody brain hemorrhage reading their stuff. And my background is Cultural Theory, so you’d think I would have a head start on bullshit. I wouldn’t doubt for a moment they’d make it into Pseud’s Corner.

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