A bit of CBT…

Up early because a busy day lies ahead, I thought I’d just post this video produced by the National Health Service on the subject of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  I’m posting it just in case there might be someone out there who has been recommended for such a treatment and is reluctant to try it, like I was at first, thinking that it is just a load of psycho-babble.

Well, it isn’t psycho-babble. It works. So if you need it, go for it!

3 Responses to “A bit of CBT…”

  1. Sue Percival Says:

    Interesting that nobody has commented on this post – I’m pretty sure that some of your regular readers have first-hand experience of CBT and/or other therapies. Maybe they just didn’ t want to comment publicly? I’m happy to admit that I’ve had CBT and similar talking therapies on 3 separate occasions in my life (most recently around the time you came up to Liverpool earlier this year), and probably wouldn’t be here to tell the tale if I hadn’t done so. In addition to the proven medical benefits, it’s heartening to know that there are some wonderful selfless and patient people in this world who are prepared to devote their lives to helping others who are struggling to cope.

    • telescoper Says:

      I should say that a number of people have mentioned this to me in private (either personally or via email), but haven’t felt comfortable commenting here. That’s fair enough, although I hope it doesn’t mean they feel somehow stigmatised by having had therapy.

      For myself, I’ve just today had the fifth of six sessions. I don’t find them – or the “cognitive experiments” – particularly easy, and I don’t think I’m the easiest patient either, but I can’t overstate the therapeutic value they’ve had for me.

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