Will we talk about the black bird?

My favourite scene from  my favourite film. Great direction, great script, great acting, and all based on a truly great novel by a truly great writer.

Not a wasted word, not an awkward phrase, and all lines delivered perfectly by actors who seem as though they were born to play these characters.

Quite. And I’ll tell you right out that I’m a man who likes talking to a man who likes to talk…

3 Responses to “Will we talk about the black bird?”

  1. Steve Warren Says:

    Who is better: Raymond Chandler or Dashiel Hammett?

  2. Steve Warren Says:

    I read a few of each, but it was a while back. At the time I preferred Hammett for plot, for the entertainment of the mystery to solve, but gave the edge to Chandler for style, for the wonderful humorous similes. But I suppose I might see them differently now.

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