And now, with Christmas only several months away, it’s time for a commercial break to advertise the new board game Elemensus, which is a bit like Scrabble, but involves making words out of the symbols for the chemical elements.

I recently played the adults-only version of the game – which was fairly hilarious but not for publication on a family blog (you’d be surprised what sort of words you can make out of chemical symbols) – so here’s a video of how it’s meant to be played by sensible people.

You can purchase Elemensus for yourself or your loved ones here.

I don’t get paid for this, you know..

5 Responses to “Elemensus”

  1. Should it not be nebulae?

  2. I have photographic evidence of the naughty words and they would make a docker blush.

    There are a surprising number of words you can make just with Periodic Table elements. BaBe is one, TeAsPoONS is another. Nebulae is not one.

    • Monica Grady Says:

      I have just taken a look at the Elemensus website – can you make nebulae using the flip side of a tile? I love the idea that you use dark matter to fill in the missing spaces. A truly astronomical concept. I will be buying 2 sets – one for my husband’s birthday, and the other for our dept common room.

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Hear Tom Lehrer giving you your options:

  4. The official word on this (OED) is that there’s no problem having NeBULaS. Scientists would naturally gravitate towards Nebulae but then they’re used to latin n’ stuff. We at Elemensus are serious about language but awareness of usage and variety of spellings are not as widespread as we’d like!

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