Brighton Rock

Last night I watched the classic 1947 film of Graham Greene‘s novel Brighton Rock. Well, I thought I should get into practice for my tough guy role as Head of School when I move down to the South coast next year. Anyway, this great film is worth watching for many reasons, including a superb performance by Richard Attenborough as the young gangster, Pinkie. But what struck me watching it last night is that this is a rare example of an authentic British Film Noir, not only in terms of the nihilistic central character but also because of the expressionistic use of lighting, deep shadows, and strangely disorienting camera angles, as exemplified in this scene.

4 Responses to “Brighton Rock”

  1. Richard Attenborough used to be Chancellor of the University of Sussex. I wonder if anyone attending their graduation ceremony at Sussex, having seen Brighton Rock, went up to shake hands with him and whispered “You think I’m finished, don’t you…”

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    The remake early last year was pretty good too.

  3. Which college are you going to grace in the South?

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