I’m a bit poorly today and just have time to crawl out of my sick bed to reblog this nice takedown of a rather silly article in the Guardian Science Blog…

The Renaissance Mathematicus

The latest Guardian science blog by Stuart Clark contains a piece of history of science stupidity that can only be explained by assuming that he hit the Kool Aid before putting finger to keyboard.

Like many science bloggers Dr Clark has decided to add his voice to the mighty chorus crying shame over the more than somewhat bizarre court judgement in the Italian earthquake case. Also like several of his Internet colleagues he has chosen to draw parallels with the equally notorious case of Galileo Galilei from 1633. This is in my opinion an unwise move. In general trying to draw comparisons across centuries of history is not usually a very good idea. Put simply circumstances change. The social and political contexts of the two cases are completely different. Just to take some simple points; the one case is in a democratic country in a civil court in the twenty-first…

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  1. “Even the staunchly Catholic Society of Jesus moved its astronomical efforts to the far east to stay out of the Vatican’s gaze.”

    na, the real reason they went to China was that the Emperor Kangxi had asked for piano lessons.

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