Giving Thanks

I almost forgot to post something to mark this very special day which is celebrated throughout the civilised world. Yes, of course, it is the Feast of St Cecilia. And not only that, it is Benjamin Britten‘s birthday. So why not kill two birds with one stone? And I don’t mean turkeys…

6 Responses to “Giving Thanks”

  1. Bryn Jones Says:

    And here is some more music by Benjamin Britten.

    I think.

    • That’s a brilliant parody of both Britten and Pears. It tells a lot about their different characters that Britten detested it while Pears thought it was hilarious. Of such opposites are partnerships made.

    • I’ve heard people comment on the radio that Britten had a warm and kind personality until he felt he was being mocked. Once he felt somebody was being unkind to him he would afterwards react with coldness. Pears, in contrast, was much more relaxed.

  2. auden’s okay with me –
    how about
    feed two birds with one scone (for us veggies)

  3. A lovely piece of music! We performed it several times with the choir I sang in as a PhD student. It is one of several great works for choir that have made Britten a favourite composer. I might for example mention Sacred and Profane and Five Flower Songs.

  4. Michael Kenyon Says:

    Something that Pears and Britten agreed on was their love of Orfords:

    I heartily recommend them as the days get even colder and the general population’s trousers ever tighter.

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