Back in the ‘Diff

Well, I made it back to Cardiff more-or-less in one piece despite the best efforts of Cross Country Trains. The train I took from Newcastle was three carriages shorter than expected, so my reserved seat was in a carriage that didn’t exist. Obviously not many people travel at Christmas so they thought they didn’t need a full size train. I had decided to treat myself to a First Class ticket to make the long journey to Newcastle and back as pleasurable as possible, but I ended up having to scramble for a seat in second class. By the time we reached Darlington it was standing room only throughout the train, including First Class, and each station stop took ages as scores of travellers tried to board the already packed carriages.

The train was 45 minutes late into Birmingham, but the connecting train from there to Cardiff was also delayed so I managed to catch it. However, never willing to let any cloud show its silver lining, Cross Country Trains decided to terminate the Cardiff train at Newport so I had to scramble again onto another train with a host of similarly disgruntled passengers. You might have thought they would have tried their best to help their customers out on a day that the whole railway network has been in chaos, but no.

Anyway, I got home only an hour late so perhaps shouldn’t complain too much. Expectations must be kept low when travelling on the British railway network. At least I got a lovely view along the Severn in the late afternoon as the train headed towards Newport…


It’s nice to be home. I think I’ll chill out this evening and defer writing my claim for compensation until tomorrow!

One Response to “Back in the ‘Diff”

  1. Is the opposite of disgruntled gruntled?

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