Around the old home

Back from a brief Christmas visit up North I thought I’d post a few snaps I took on our traditional Boxing Day spin around Northumberland. The weather wasn’t exactly marvellous, but it did at least stop raining for a while when we reached Amble  so we got out of the car and went for a stroll around the little harbour…



Although it was a cold and wet day it wasn’t too windy. They must be tough fishermen who go out into the North Sea in those little boats, but they’re friendly folk too – waving to us landlubbers as they came in and out of the harbour.

On the way home we stopped at Benwell, not a picturesque place but the part of Newcastle in which I was brought up. I’ve posted about the little house where my first memories live here, and there’s an old photograph of it here:

The house itself (ours was the one on the left on this picture) was built of brick but to the left hand side you can just see a stone wall. The two cottages were demolished some time ago, along with Pendower School which was behind them as viewed from the picture. The whole area has now been covered with new houses, but for some reason they left the stone wall. I hopped out of the car to take a couple of pictures, as this is all that remains of the first place I can remember living. These were both taken from Ferguson’s Lane, which is immediately behind the stone wall I mentioned earlier, i.e. to the left of the two cottages in the old photograph.



In the second picture you can see the filled in outlines of the door which led to our backyard (on the right) and (on the left) the holes through which the coalman used to deliver the coal that was the only form of heating in the house. There was no central heating and no heating at all upstairs, incidentally, so we had very cold bedrooms in winter!

2 Responses to “Around the old home”

  1. Michael Markson Says:

    Thanks for the marvellous memories of Benwell.
    I used to spend my holidays with an Aunt in Dolphin Street Benwell in the 1960s. Benwell was where my fascination of the Roman Army started.
    With Conercum Temple and the site of the Cavalry fort nearby, I spent many hours there .
    Yes, Benwell was a friendly place and a real community.I used to go on messages to the Co Op on Adelaide terraces.I also remember the view from my Aunts back stairs across the Tyne with the marvellous views of Durham…I too was saddened on future visits to see how delapitaed the area had become, and alas, the anti social behaviour!
    I always wondered how Dolphin Street got its name….maybe during building a dolphin mosaic or statue was found that had been connected with the fort..?
    Many thanks again.

  2. […] Looking at that picture reminded me of a few other Christmas memories of Newcastle and surrounds I’ve posted on here over the years. Here is one from 2012: […]

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