The Planck Rumour Mill

I gather the internet is crawling with people searching for rumours about the Planck mission. It would obviously be entirely inappropriate for me to direct my readers to any website where they might obtain access to confidential information about this experiment, the results from which are embargoed until well into the New Year. So naturally that’s what I’m going to do. Well, blog traffic doesn’t generate itself does it?

As a Telescoper exclusive I am able to offer you a sneak preview of the top secret Planck data well in advance of official release. If you want to see what Planck scientists have been looking since Planck was launched in 2009, just click here.

One Response to “The Planck Rumour Mill”

  1. Why dont you persue balloon inside balloon theory of matter and antimatter universe on opposite entropy path producing graviton and anti graviton at common boundary by annihilation and injected into both the universes for gravity and accelerated expansion etc .We have already found these two Higgs Bosons in LHC of CERN which is nothing but graviton and anti graviton. Please spread this idea to look into further and for detailed mathematical model ,invite DURGADAS DATTA for a discussion in your Institute.

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