R.I.P. Tony Greig

Shocked and saddened by news of the death of former England cricket captain Tony Greig, at the age of only 66.  He was a controversial character, but a fine all-rounder and skipper as a player, and also part of the finest comedy double-act in cricket history (with Geoffrey Boycott) when he became a commentator:

4 Responses to “R.I.P. Tony Greig”

  1. Anton Garrett Says:

    I’m surprised that some of the facts relevant to his death aged just 66 are apparently not being mentioned. His heart attack was presumably related to his weakened state deriving from lung cancer diagnosed a couple of months earlier, and Greig was or had been a prolific smoker. I also recall that the poor chap needed anti-fitting medication. I was privileged to attend every day of his debut Test, vs Australia at Old Trafford in 1972, in which he made an immediate impression by making a 50 in each innings and taking 5 wickets.

    • “Call no man happy until he knows the manner of his death.”

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      Actually I have a very faint memory of info that he regarded the ciggies as part of his anti-epilepsy regime. (Did people do that?) But my memory could be concatenating two stories and there’s almost nothing about him smoking findable by googling, let alone this. What I do remember was that in a later Test, possibly when he was captaining England, he dropped a cigarette butt into a sandbin immediately inside the pavilion door (where I was standing) and exhaled a large cloud of smoke as he emerged. I thought this amusing.

  2. I was so upset when I heard this news. Greig was a real character, a great cricketer and very entertaining commentator. I suspect those in the cricket establishment in the 70s won’t agree, but Greig was the reason test match cricket is so good these days and also the reason why England now has a team that can beat the best (although not always!).

    He got it through the adminstrators’ heads that good cricketers should get good money for entertaining the public, and look where we are now. Greig got it right and our international players owe him a real debt.

    He was also the player I first imitated in the school playground back in ’76, the year I was introduced to cricket. That loping run-up was easy to copy!

    Tony Greig was the guy that got me interested in cricket in the first place and a game that is now a love and obsession. It won’t be the same now that he is gone.


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