Blog Feedback Questionnaire

I’m back to work with a thump, having received delivery of my module feedback questionnaires for last term. All useful feedback, so I’m grateful for the students who bothered to fill them in and especially to those who wrote detailed textual comments. Apart from one, that is, who was apparently so gripped by apoplexy that he/she was unable to hold the pen properly – the resulting scratchings were entirely illegible.

Anyway, in the light of the students’ response to the quality of my lecturing I thought I’d try to gather feedback on the quality of my blogging. Please complete the following survey. Textual comments may be provided in the form of textual comments through the textual comment box below.

6 Responses to “Blog Feedback Questionnaire”

  1. Is the last option something like the “negative temperature” that is making the rounds on the interwebs today?

    It’s sooo… bad that it’s better/greater than something?

  2. What this probably needs is for Andy Lawrence to carry out a corresponding poll and you could then cross-correlate to get a more accurate sense of the value of this blog!

  3. […] to post a tad more on the jolly old blog. On the other hand, maybe I should give up. According to a new poll over at Telescoper, the only thing worse than Peter’s blog is […]

  4. Robert Kirshner Says:

    Who is Andy Lawrence?

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