Goodbye Virgin Media, and good riddance…


With my move to Brighton imminent, I decided before Christmas to sort out a few things that I’ve been putting off for a while. One of them was to cancel the contract with Virgin Media at my house in Cardiff. Having made the decision to ditch them, I then received a letter from said company announcing that their “broadband” service would go up in price in February 2013 by almost 10%. That’s on top of a similar rise earlier in 2012. A price hike of 20% in a year is nothing short of a rip-off. I wouldn’t mind if the service was decent, but the broadband is particularly poor; I’m supposed to have a 20MB service but I rarely get even a tenth of that. I assume Virgin Media simply doesn’t have enough bandwith to deliver what it promises. And that’s not counting when the connection falls over completely, which is far from uncommon…

In 2012 Virgin Media announced that I was getting a “free” upgrade to 20MB – previously I had the cheapo 10MB service – which sounded great. Then, just over a month later, the cost of my broadband package went up by about 10%. That’s a clear misrepresentation, and I should have cancelled my account right away then. But for some reason I didn’t.

I also get a cable TV package from Virgin Media (which I very rarely watch). Cancelling that will probably mean I spend just a bit more time reading or listening to music, which is a good thing. The woeful state of TV generally, and the dire offerings available at Christmas in particular, make me confident that I can live quite happily without it. And I’ll save the license fee too. I also have a telephone land line which I hardly use either. So scrap it all, I thought.

Anyway, I picked up the phone and called Virgin Media on 8th December with the intention of cancelling my service. A very frustrating experience with automated responses followed. “You now have five options”, you know the sort of thing. After several sets of five options (none of which were to cancel my account), I got through to a vaguely humanoid life-form. Even that wasn’t the end of the story as instead of just following my request she asked dozens of irrelevant questions and tried to persuade me not to quit. In the end I got fed up and said “I’m not going to change my mind, please just cut the crap and cancel the account”. Finally I was told the account would close on 8th January and some packaging would be sent so I could return the box and modem to Virgin Media. Fair enough, I thought.

I was travelling before Christmas, but noticed when I got back that Virgin Media had made a number of attempt to phone me while I was away. Eventually they phoned when I was in. An operative told me he wanted to discuss “changes to my account” and asked for my password. I said there was nothing to discuss as I had cancelled it. He persisted. I put the phone down. When I got back from a Christmas break in Newcastle the same thing happened again, with the same response. Then again the same day. Then again. The third time it happened in the same morning, I’m afraid I lost my temper and told the Virgin Media representative to fuck off. That did the trick.

Yesterday I received a bill from Virgin Media including a charge for the period 8th January to 7th February 2013, being the month after my account was supposed to be cancelled. I picked up the phone and called Virgin Media, assuming that somehow the instruction to close the account had been lost. In fact it hadn’t. The person I spoke to said “yes, your account is to be closed on 8th January”. “Then why have you billed me for the following month?”, I asked. “That’s our standard practice.” was the reply.

Standard practice? Sounds to me like theft! Assuming it would be very difficult to get money back once Virgin Media had purloined it, I immediately cancelled my Direct Debit to stop them taking the funds from my bank account. If they send me a correct bill for what I actually owe, I’ll pay it of course. But I’m never having anything to do with Virgin Media ever again.

P.S. I won’t have internet at home for a while from 8th January, so probably won’t be doing much blogging at weekends. On the other hand, I will have a lot of other things to be getting on with as I gradually relocate to Brighton by the sea…

P.P.S. Just received an email from Virgin Media with the following header…


…which is of course exactly what I did.

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  1. I cannot agree more. When “UK Online” was bought out and closed by Sky, I had to fill that gap of great service and I tried Virgin Media. Needless to say that I spent a month diagnosing and trying to fix bandwidth and connection problems and that’s with the 50 Mbps service. I ended up cancelling before the grace period ran out.

    Have a good look at “BE Online”. They’re owned by O2. The provide ADSL2+ service over a phone line and ironically, it completely out-performs Virgin Media’s overloaded fibre optic network. I paid for 24 Mbps (maximum you can get over a phone line) with 2 Mbps upload. Being 1.5 km away from the local exchange, I got 16 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload. That connection *never* cut out and *never* slowed down. It was tremendously effective and their customer service was just as good.

    • I have been a virgin customer for at least 15 years, and although I have had problems and frustrations with them, I generally was able to sort it out with them, until today. I pay for my services by direct debit, a nd had not noticed theyt started charging me for Sky Films and Sky FIlms Premium since June, which I have never requested or used. I rang them and explained this, and demanded a refund for the six months of charges for this. Initially the person I spoke with instisted I ordered these services by phone, which I again refuted. Evemntually he agreed they MIGHT refund two months, but I shou;d have told them earlier. I said I had agreed to the direct debit to save me checking the charges every month, as I only used a basic service. I got passed up to a manager, who added an offer not to charge me for another months notice to cancel. I told them I felt these were fraudulent charges and if they refused to refund them, He , unlike the prior person, claimed that I had ordered the services via my remote control, not by phoneI. I repeated I had not ordered these services by any method. and I would cancel my contract completely with Virginn as I could no longer trust them, a nd was cancelling my direct debit immediately, which I have done. I haven’t done my sums yet, but if the amount owing at the end of the service do not equal what I have already been fraudulently charged, I shall initiate a small claims case against them for the difference.

      • promomast Says:

        dont just cancel the d/d … they will start theier harassment campaign if mail and calls

        write cancelling to the hq and include in youre reasons

        to dishonestly appropriate property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it … look up the definition of appropriates and property

        followed by blackmail

        they are utterly worthless now owned by liberty global in the states

        then take out the small claims against them

  2. We’ve been happy with the Virgin Media internet service we’ve got here in Cardiff (60MBPs – though I doubt we actually get that – I think most companies give a maximum possible rather than what you’ll get). Having said that, I know of a number of other people who have problems. Most have been on the pier bandwidth connections, so I wonder whether Virgin Media focus on the fastest connections at the expense of the slower ones…

    If you’re after the internet at home, I’ve been meaning to try one of the 3g Mifi (or maybe MyFi, or perhaps MyFy) from 3. I used one a while ago and was impressed – at least compared with my Orange mobile boradband which can be flaky at timew. It acts as a mini wireless router, so there’s no dongle leads to cope with and no problems with OS incompatibility. Though I’m sure, as with all such things, some people have had their fair share of issues with them.

    • Elizabeth Duncan Says:

      Good luck with 3! and do tell Abhijeet in customer services I miss him like a dose of the clap.

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Check with your bank that cancelling the direct debit does actually mean they can’t take the money. Direct debits are not standing orders; the small print is different and you might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

    I have a friend who had a great deal of trouble cancelling a satellite TV subscription. They continued to bill him and then sent him threatening letters. Fortunately he was a lawyer and knew the true position exactly and at the point where he lost patience he simply scrawled “PISS OFF” across their last letter and mailed it back to them.

  4. Rob Ivison Says:

    I’d echo Anton’s warning. Virginmedia controls the direct debit. Given the *extremely* dodgy tricks they employ (a year ago, whilst trying to re-negotiate my contact, I caught them lying to me, blatantly – the guilty went to the trouble of covering their tracks, pretending to be another operator and/or deleting call logs, and this happened not once but twice), you might find that they hoodwink your bank into paying, and then the onus is on you to execute the so-called direct debit guarantee.

  5. telescoper Says:

    In fact their attempted DD has indeed failed.

    Virgin Media have informed me that they expect me to pay for the full month of Jan-Feb and when I’m disconnected the bill will be modified and an appropriate refund made. Like hell. I’ve heard what trouble it is getting refunds out of these arseholes. Why not just send me a correct bill in the first place?

    • I am not sure if anyone else has told you this but you can get amounts paid by Direct Debit back via your bank. Simply write to them and advise that the debit was taken in error and they will refund you. Simple. They will tell Virgin who will no doubt decide to take notice now that you have the money and not them.

  6. I echo your comments on Virgin Media, our set top box failed three times, and each time it’s taken the best part of an hour to speak to a humanoid whose interpersonal skills resemble that of a lettuce. I use my 3 phone as a Wifi tethering access point so I can take it anywhere with me. It’s only £25/month for the phone contract with unlimited minutes/texts/tethering (and I frequently use over 50GB/month), which is much cheaper than the Virgin deal, and the speed is usually about 10Mb/s or so, often faster than Virgin too!

  7. Michael Kenyon Says:

    You’ll miss the new series of Sherlock!

  8. Rob Ivison Says:

    I’d forgotten about the nonsense with the Virginmedia set-top boxes. I lost faith in a number of celebrities after they took Branson’s shilling to promote these monstrosities. We pay a monthly fee to use a Tivo, which is only marginally fast than receiving the signal by semaphore – staggeringly slow, with illogical menus, and no volume control I’m no fan of Sky, but at least their boxes don’t run on clockwork.

  9. Steve Jones Says:

    Maybe try ofcom

    and get on an ADR (alternative dispute resolution scheme)

  10. The extra month is probably the cancellation fee? I had the same thing with my ISP – they said BT has a standard (not cheap) termination charge they have to pass on. Probably Virgin does the same thing as BT then? I agree its a rip-off.

    • telescoper Says:

      Because they announced that they were increasing their charges I am entitled to a free cancellation; they changed the contract so the law gives me that right. They have admitted as such, so if that’s what they’re trying to do I won’t pay.

  11. Allan Stirling Says:

    I’m still waiting for my refund two months after cancelling! I’ve already phoned up and get same old cover story!

  12. I desperately want virgin media out of my life forever! I have 11 months left on the contract and I would rather scoop my own eyeballs out with rusty spoons than stay with them for that long. Does the cancelling contract due to price hikes apply to me or am I tied to the dilemma of paying the cancellation fees?

  13. I have been with this company in its various guises since 1994! I must say that when it was run by United Artists and Telewest Broad band the level of service was of a greater standard in my opinion.Failure of communication with inadequately trained staff is to blame in my opinion.

  14. It’s taken countless phonecalls since my service was disconnected to get rid of Virgin and after another lengthy row this evening I’m still not confident I’m rid of the bastards. My mum is their customer and after 15 years of loyal custom she’s had a massive job cancelling it after terrible service.
    She’s still got a Telewest Broadband box and today someone was supposed to come and collect it. She took an unpaid day off work and they never showed. When she called to ask why, VM said they don’t do that anymore and basically tough. She’s been told to bag it up and call a courier company who will tell her where they’ll collect it from and if she doesn’t she’ll be charged in excess of £125!!! She’s got arthristis and is expected to drag a box weighing a tonne to God knows where so they get it back. I THINK NOT VIRGIN MEDIA!!!
    I’ve just written their MD a filthy letter congratulating them on making a 68 year-old woman with a heart problem cry and if one demand for money arrives I’ll be taking them to court. It’s their bloody box, they can come and get it. I’ve told them after 28 days it’s going in the fucking bin. Best place for VM and their horrendous so-called customer service.

  15. ian farrington Says:

    what a lot of people do not realise is the speeds they offer are only if you connect you pc via an ethernet cable, you will never get the maximum speeds using wi-fi, i have spoken to an engineer and tried both, i got double the speed using my ethernet cable

  16. donna5287 Says:

    Virgin Media do not seem to know “arse from elbow” I have made numerous calls with a variety of different call handlers all over the country/world and each one seems to quote completely different prices “let stick our finger in the air” type job, appauling 😦 extremely frustrated and feeling very let down…..

    • david evans Says:

      must agree,as everything is so complicated such as billing,cost of services etc.this is also complicted for staff so mistakes are made and have to be regularly fixed.

  17. can anyone help me pls i recently cancelled my direct debit to virgin because i was fed up of the service i was getting and i ended my contract early i would like to know if virgin can still take money out of my account for the remainder of my contract without my permission please help many thanks lee

    • Elizabeth Duncan Says:

      I recently asked how much it would be to cancel my contract – they said £140 and im only 7 months in. No doubt if I called back this is now 2 months later it will be more . I think they make it up as they go along. You could cancel the direct debit/standing order with your bank. I feel for you and anybody else suckered into the virgin media circus. Thanks so much Mr Branson, I hope your island sinks!!!

    • Hi . You must write to their head office and cancel the contract that way . Send all letters recorded post . And start recording all their calls . If after your cancilation letter they still charge you . You now have grounds to take legal action .

  18. Can only I agree with all the comments. I have had problems with Virgin for 2 years now. My ex husband left over 2 years ago, been trying to get his name off and my name on, no luck. They insist I haven’t made phone calls or sent forms back, and yet they have changed the package and installed a new hub. As far as they are concerned I do not exist. So am I able to cancel with them and cancel my direct debit at the bank, I don’t think so, do you. I want out from Virgin, HELP!

  19. No one can hate them more than I do, Sick to death of their inane ‘options’, I just want to talk to someone in this country that isn’t reading from a script. We have had no phone for 2 days, after spending, what felt like a year, listening to a million bleeping options, I get an automated voice saying will Tuesday be ok. NO IT BLEEPING ISN’T OK!!!. MY HUSBAND IS 73 YEARS OLD, HE HAS PREVIOUSLY SUFFERED TWO HEART ATTACKS AND I NEED A LANDLINE FOR EMERGENCIES!!!. I am so frustrated I also tried to cancel my contract, but can’t even manage to find the cancellation department. I eventually got to speak to a helpful young Indian ma, who apologised profusely, and promised that an engineer would be around last night or this morning, I expect you will not be overly surprised to hear that the phone is still not working, I am going to have a stroke if this keeps on, my head is pounding!

  20. Totally fed up with the appalling service offered by Virgin. I pay them more than £100 per month. They give me a date for an engineer, I am self employed take a day off, no one calls me then tells me sorry no ones coming today and it will be in 1 weeks time!

    So just looking for an alternative to Virgin,

    Keep it up guys you only have cables into so many houses and BT are hot on the heals of you.

    • i don’t exactly know if this is true but apparently you can join another service even if you’re in a contract with your current services and they will apparently cancel the current services for you??? how is this possible they need account nos your name the hole ******* lot and if they speak on your behalf they ask if they can speak to the account holder. what also isn’t fair is when i’ve phoned the bloody pathetic people who i think are BRAINDEAD. i’ve explained that my mum is deaf yet it’s in through one ear out the bloody other. i’m deaf myself but not half as bad as my mum. she wears a cochlea implant and i wear digital hearing aids

      they are absolutely disrespectful and my mum’s contract ends in May 2016 and when it ends they can say goodbye to my mum because virgin will be cancelled and when it does

      GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!!!!!!

  21. Scooby300 Says:

    Just spent best part of 7 hours over 2 days on phone to 4 different Virgin people – including 1 in the part of Customer Service they send you to when you start saying things like, ‘I want to go to Sky’!

    Their billing methods are so complex that even their own staff can’t explain them! Call me cynical, but it’s a level of complexity that can only have the purpose of covering up a rip off!

    When I finally got a breakdown of the items – it turns out I had 3 ‘discounts’ that they have given me and that they will substantially reduce if I try to reduce my package. So if I lower my BB from 60Mb to 30Mb, or get rid of the TV package it will end up costing me more for less because I will lose my discounts! Aggggggghhhhh

    If they were randomly increasing their prices that would look bad – but by giving you made up discounts they can remove them at will and effectively increase your bill – without any comeback.

    When I asked one Virgin Opp to explain what affected the discounts he referred me to the T&C! But I checked them and there’s nothing in the T&C about that at all.

    To make things worse – it turns out that one of the ‘discounts’ (£11.50 billed separately as ‘Promotional Offer’) isn’t a discount at all – it’s actually included within the other 2 discounts (cited as ‘Loyalty Customer [£4] and Standard Collection [£21,25])!!!

    So they’re making out their giving me an extra discount that isn’t a discount at all!

    If one of my kids stole a Mars Bar from the shop down the road, the police would be all over it. But companies like Virgin can ‘legitimately’ steel money from millions of ordinary people and, as far as I can see, there’s nothing we can do about it!

    • Mrs P Rhodes Says:

      I am so glad you submitted these comments, I think I have just figured out what they are doing to me! I am not sure what to do next to be honest I feel stunned. I feel like I have been the victim of fraud. I truly feel like I have been robbed, deceived the whole nine yards and it is not a nice feeling. I doubt it will make Richard Branson’s permanent smile slip though – no wonder he’s so happy all the time.

  22. Can somebody help me??
    Last month on the 20th I have called VM to stop my service, after 30 minutes of crap they finally said that I will have to stay for another month and then my contract will end (August 22nd) – which I have agreed to. Last week I have stopped the Direct Debit so that they wont take off any money. But a few days ago I have received the next bill for August to September, what do I do? Do I just ignore them or shall I go to a store and ask them face-to-face?

    • telescoper Says:

      You could do what I did. Do not pay the bill. Instead send a letter pointing out that your contract has terminated and attaching a bill for the cost of storing their modems and boxes at your premises…

      • If I just ignored them and not paying the bill, will they just leave it and forget about it or will they take any action?

      • telescoper Says:

        They might threaten to, but stand your ground. They are just bullies.

      • I decided to go in-store and ask them to confirm if my account has stopped at August 22nd, if they say yes then I’m going to ask them why they have sent me a bill for the following month, and I will state that I will NOT be paying for it no matter what.
        Thankyou for giving me advice!

      • VM is bill it’s customer in a month advance. For any advanced payment you have given before it will gonna be deducted or be an offset to your final bill. And they will credit the remaining amount to you.

  23. After 2 weeks from making complaints, someone actually called yesterday regarding loss of phone use for 4 days (especially exciting when you can’t use mobile because of dreadful reception), I was not after compensation, just a service that works and doesn’t suggest you phone them with your problem, when your ruddy phone isn’t working!!!
    The online booking system was offering me an engineer 4 days away!!!
    I eventually got through to a very polite young Indian, who, when I explained that my husband had previously suffered 2 heart attacks, he assured me that an engineer would be around the same evening or the following morning. Needless to say that no one turned up.
    When I told the lady from Cardiff about this, she said that India, were unable to make appointments!!!
    I really wasn’t interested in compensation, but, upon reflection, the derisory amount offered of £22 seems ludicrous.

  24. I am so sick of the twice weekly virgin media junk mail that if I had no other choice I would not go to them. I have tried to stop this junk mail but contacting them but “as it is to the occupier” i cannot!. Please Virgin Media leave me alone – if anyone has the CEO home address i would like to bombard him with this mail see what he thinks.

  25. I am not happy with Sky, in particular their broadband connection, and was thinking of changing to Virgin (regular letters through the door). I checked this site after hearing about bad experiences with their boxes. After reading the comments above I will be sticking with Sky. Though far from perfect, they are a lot better than Virgin.

  26. Mike Sinclair Says:

    Hi, We have just switched from Virgin to Sky and on every level including; price / value for money, performance, customer service, TV picture quality, TV catch up, internet up-time and especially their attempted exit charge it leaves wretched Virgin standing. Years ago when we moved to our present house we inherited a cable so we went with Virgin. Big mistake!! We were with Virgin for 4 years through inertia and their prices are a disgrace for long standing customers. They milk long standing customers for as long as they can. We are so much happier with a different supplier.

  27. my contract was coming to an end i phoned virgin for a quote and accepted it, one week later i rang to ask them to confirm it, i was given a much higher price, i felt cheated and contacted citizens advice , they advised me to ask for a transcript of the original call i was told this is not possible ,so now i am contacting the distant selling ombudsman to to make a complaint ,in the meantime i have signed up with sky and got an amazing deal ,and the picture seems better, will update when i hear back from the ombudsman???

  28. I’ve just cancelled my account for broadband with Virgin. My package was claimed to be 60Mb (well that’s what I have been paying for), however I was suffering speed issues in the last 3 months which never improved. Now I am on the 30 days notice my broadband speed is peaking at only 5Mb. It seems like they have deliberately throttled my speed. Can they really get away with this? I guess so as they are another big company who do what they like. Beware anyone who joins, think carefully about when you need to leave.

  29. I rang VM and cancelled my contract in August giving 28 days notice.

    I heard that things never go smoothly so today I logged in to my old account to see that although my TV and Broadband had been cancelled, my telephone and line rental was still active and being charged.

    I called them and they stated that it was a Sky mistake and they had not ported the number yet. Now I argued this fact based on

    1) If I dial 150 I get Sky not Virgin
    2) I have already had itemised call bills from Sky
    3) I am still using the same number
    4) Unless someone put something in my tea, I could have sworn I remember BT coming at the end of August with a crane to connect my house up and subsequently fitting my new (non-virgin-fibre) phone line which my phone is now physically connected on

    They would not accept any of this and would not budge and demanded that I send them a headed letter from Sky confirming that they had ported the number before they would refund me.

    I argued further that surely that is irrelevant, based on the fact that I gave 28 days notice to cancel all services and that they should have ceased billing me for anything after that point.

    The halfwit I was talking to would not even put me onto his team leader or customer services.

    Now I know that i can get that letter from Sky, but why should I? I cancelled my contract with them. Also I cant believe that in this day and age that they cannot detect that my phone line has been moved

    Am I in the wrong here with anything?

    I will never go back to VM after today.

    • my contract was coming to an end so i rang the sales team and was quoted a good price so i agreed to start a new contract , I rang back a week later to confirm the price was correct it seems that i was miss sold ,and on top of that there was a feeof £25.00 for a tivo box! so i contacted trading standards who advised me to ask for a transcript of the conversation . virgin have replied saying that all calls are recorded for training purposes only and were kept for a limited time ,,I rang to give a months notice and was told to be carefull if i was moving to sky to check there billing ? I am with sky now and i must say I have a brilliant deal also the picture quality is the best so is the broadband speed ,, so glad i moved never will i go back to virgin or reccomend them good riddance virgin ….

  30. Tony Norris Says:

    I have a similar “customer care” situation. Having cancelled a broadband account we were billed an extra month, and told by Virgin to ignore the bill and await the final bill.
    Eventually the final bill arrived and it was paid online by my bank into the Virgin account number stated on the reverse of the bill. I emailed Virgin 3 times to inform them that this was paid. They kept telling me they could not give me any information without a password. To which I always replied I didn’t want any information and my emails were solely a courtesy to inform them it was paid.
    Anyway they have now eventually sent this to a debt recovery agency. I am looking forward to standing up in court to explain this to a judge. Hopefully I can get plenty of reporters there also.

  31. Tony Norris Says:

    Ever noticed the complete absence of Virgin statements on this website ???

    • telescoper Says:

      Yes, I have. I also wonder what fraction of the thousands of hits on this page are Virgin Media employees or solicitors working for them!

  32. A few months ago I signed up with Sky for my phone and broadband. I asked them if I needed to contact Virgin Media to let them know I was leaving them. They said they would deal with it all for me. Now I’m being pestered with bills from Virgin Media for the time I HAVEN’T been with them. When I spoke to someone at Virgin, they said they were aware that my phone had gone over to Sky, but that the broadband was a separate issue, so they have kept charging me for that. I have been told that they were notified that BOTH were being taken over by SKY, but Virgin refuse to admit it. Now Virgin want their box back, but until they send me something to post it back in, it stays with me. I’m not paying the postage. I don’t feel I should pay their bill either, but what can I do?

  33. when i moved to sky i stopped my direct debit to virgin , and told them that i would settle only when i recieve the final bill sent me a prepaid carton to put the box and router in …

  34. Paul LInstead Says:

    In september 2012, Virgin Released a new SuperHub that was Modern and something else built in! When i signed up for their TV i was automaticly offered this new hub upgrade (SWITCHED TO A DOWNGRADE) i have had nothing but trouble with them since, They blame area, after area problem. My services where 100% fine before i switched, now all i have with them is Broadband, when it works OMG it is fast download movies in seconds, but when it dosent work, it takes over 45 minuets to stream 5 minuets of STANDARD definition tv show… i dont know what to do the service is so intermittent, i havent played games in months because it would just DC me or wont even connect to the internet. i first started phoning in october 2012, was told it would be fixed next week it was a problem on my phone line, then i have had engerinerr after enginerr out and nothing, i phone in december when someone let it slip it was an area problem (WV11) and they had been area of this since june 2012! I was shocked that they signed me up for this new hub new cables when they new there was problems. i have been with virgin for 7-10 years now and what compensation did i get as a long term customer, i got 1 months free broadband in january 2013, and two months half price broadband in october 2012 and march 2013. The rest i have paid in full despite the fact they know its an ongoing problem. OFCOM needs to get in and set rules and regulations that state if they know there is a problem its an AUTOMATIC Refund and 100% FREE for the affected Services!

    • Paul LInstead Says:

      forgot to mention at the start from late september to mid november they were blaming router firmware…. and had me on this trial firmware thing… utter lies…

  35. patthegooner Says:

    Thankfully my account has now been squared away and I will give credit where it is due.

    My advice if you have a problem with leaving or with service in general?

    Go through the motions with the telephone support. If you don’t get the answer that you believe is acceptable, then hit social media.

    I posted my complaint on Twitter and Facebook and was contacted by their social media team within minutes. They gave me an E-mail address to contact them on, and they took my complaint away and dealt with it in 24 hours. I can’t fault that. It is just a shame their standard support service is so shocking

  36. J.G.Harston Says:

    I have to agree with you here. What on earth am I paying them $45 a month for? How on EARTH does it cost £15 a month for my phone line? That works out at £7.50 a minute for phone calls.

  37. I had NTL since they first installed their fibre cable. When Virgin Media took over the broadband got worse and worse. I recently joined BT infinity. I get up to 40 meg and I find you can check faults on their website.
    BT are not perfect I had a lot of probs with my old B T line. But when you get it working it is no bother.

  38. Tried to cancel with virgin. 3 letters, 2 30 minute premium rate phone calls not answered, 3 visits to the bank to refund money taken by virgin, 1 email complaint , 1 letter from virgin saying they cant cancel my account without a password, 1 phone call from virgin agreeing to cancel my account. more bills for money and fees, threatening letters from virgin. 5 months of stress to cancel an account with a multinational company. Will never use virgin again for anything.
    Tommorrow i contact trading standards and solicitor. They will not get away with it.

  39. Mark Atkins Says:

    I hate Virgin as I pay for 120Mb broadband but I get 126Mb … Ohhhh … Wait a sec … I mean I love them!

  40. I am in a very similar position with Virgin (also in Cardiff) I’d be interested to know how it panned out! Did you have to pay an early disconnection charge? L

  41. I quite agree. They are terrible and there’s something very cynical about their customer service. I can never understand why Which? Magazine never seem to pick up on this. I once had one of their tech support people on the phone trying to sort out a problem. They directed me to delete a folder on my Mac. It turned out that the folder was irretrievable and contained thousands of emails including some from my late father. What did you do about your email? Were you using their system? It bothers me that if i leave Virgin they will no longer give me access to my Virginmedia email. What do I do then?

  42. Cancelled virgin subscription 3 years ago . And still waiting for them to remove cables on outside of house. Last week discovered technician came and used box attached to my house to connect next door neighbour to their service. Just interested to know if I can charge virgin rent for using my property . feedback much appreciated. As calls to this company never seem to get me anywhere.

  43. Being charged to leave virgin media Says:

    Hello!Can you help me please!!!!!!!!
    I was at the store on November 29, 2013 virgin media , I spoke with a representative and I agreed to take a package from internet promotion 20 pounds per month for 3 months then remaining nine months to 25 pounds, he told me said the connection will be made in four days . I paid £ 25 advance card . Thursday, when he began five days , I called to see when they come , but they told me that there are some problems from the old user and as I can connect only on December 17, 2013 .
    They came on the 17th , I was connected , but the internet went three days and since then the problems started . I went back to the store to tell them that I have internet , they gave me a new cable , because it changed from the old connection , I came home I changed , and I had two days internet then disappeared , I called and gave me the phone number of the technical department to tell them to change frequency, I called . changed but nothing has been internet. meanwhile came the post and contract , but I have not signed and not sent it back because I expected to be rendered satisfactory service .I ‘ve called several times , they decided to send me an engineer to see the problem in 5 days, but hi hasn’t appeared .i was at your store and i told them to close the contract because it did not receive any service from them , they gave me a phone number to call back in your TECH SUPPORT , I called at home but the lady who answered told me that if i will have interrupt i will pay the charge , but I don’t understand why , if I don’t have service and I don’t signed the contract with them.

  44. “Why does David Tennant lie?” asks my son when he sees the old Doctor Who pushing Branson’s botched products.

  45. James Jennings Says:

    VM’s priority as a business is not certainly existing customers,look in any magazine and endless junk mail basically it is to entice brand new customers, or as I call them “VICTIMS”, sadly existing customers can basically “go whistle”
    For around six to eight months now I have had continual TV outages sometimes 2/3 fault codes are posted every week, in fact I have just checked and yes, yes another fault. I contacted VM customer services via email no response? then by registered letter once again nothing, so I contacted the new ceo tom mockridge and by the way if you are considering writing to him then good luck with that one because he is never available in fact you are lucky to get a response from his executive office who just seem to spend their days launching complaints sent direct to tom mockridge and back onto customer services passing the complaint back onto the very dept (customer services) that refused to respond in the first place. Virgin Media service is poor but if you are unlucky enough to have issues service or billing then they could not care less, the more you insist on a response the more you are ignored, for example I opted for an e-bill and for no apparent reason they stopped coming? so after a few months I contacted the billing dept and they assured me that they would send me 9 months of outstanding e-bills nothing arrived so I contacted VM again, heard nothing so contacted the executive office and eventually after 6 emails they informed me that the matter had been passed onto their customer service dept? Heard nothing so after a couple of weeks I emailed mr mockridge once again and I rec’d another email back from his executive office advising me that someone would contact me. A few days later I rec’d 9 envelopes through the post each containing a bill for each month and then I got an email from a mr pratt stating that VM would be charging me for the copies I had never rec’d ? that was about six weeks ago and still no January 2014 e-bill and with a few days before February’s bill is due I’m guessing that I will not receive that one either. Today I have had problems with playing tv content recorded also no access to catch-up and whenever I attempt to retrieve recorded content or attempt to access catch-up I get the dreaded No more buffering . . . BUFFERING? Finally I requested that the phone element be cancelled last December and looking at my bank statements because I don’t have VM statements/bills that has still not happened so far I have spoken to VM numerous times and they say “leave it with us” which ironically is exactly what they are doing.

    • i cancelled my vm on 30 jan 2014,giving them the 30 days notice that they required.Paid a payment to virgin media on 24th feb witch will be march payment as you pay in advance.They still tell me that I owe them 80.00 which I am not sure how they work that out.They will not be getting any more money out of me until they send me the final bill.

  46. JTaylor Says:

    Having a right old time too with VM at the moment. Apparently they are experiencing utilisation issues in my area and are unable to provide Broadband speed we are paying for. We have just upped to 120Mb with a view to trying to get an improvement in service. Got 1.7Mb last night! They knew about these problems when we asked for increase in service, so theoretically we are paying for something they have no hope currently of providing. Customer Services are absolutely appalling. Passed all over the place, promised call backs which are never received. We are due a refund for lack of promised service according to them going back to January 2013. This problem is forecast to remain until 26 March. Try getting to speak to someone about getting this!!! They are fraudsters in my opinion. I have advised them verbally that I am not paying any further bills until this is sorted. Curious to see if we end up in court because of this.

    Go somewhere else for your service I say.


  47. Kevan Shimman Says:

    The worst company in the entire world!!! I used to work for them and tried to cancel my account, I got called an idiot by the support staff who was really horrible and abusive; I went in to work the next day and she had put a complaint in about me, probably because she knew I was going to report her. I asked to hear the telephone conversation recording and it had ‘dissapeared’.
    Scummy company, most people who work there are snakes who all look up and suck up to the head snake…Branson who they see as some sort of god. Creepy people!!!!!

  48. Richtea

    Wish I had read these blogs before I signed up with this shower. I agreed to take broadband and phone and this was installed wednesday 26th February. The broadband was installed with the hub flashing right in front of the TV despite with the phone upstairs. ENgineer had misplaced a line monitor so popped out to pick it up and did not return for 90 minutes but in the end all was working fine.

    A week later I lost connection both Broadband and Phone Wdnesday 5th March. Called Virgin to advise and by Friday an engineer had surfaced. Seems that my neighbour was having an installation shortly so they cut my cable as part of the process. There sticking out of the bottom of my garden was a cut cable painted yellow so that the engineers can connnect my neighbour. The engineer told me they would have to lay a new cable to our house and this would not be installed until Tuesday 18th March, if they actually turn up . I logged a formal complaint on Friday 7th March but have had no further contact other than an acknowledgement of my email complaint. Therefore I am on schedule to go nearly two weeks without either a phone or broadband because in their ignorance Virgin Media themselves cut my cable. To add insult to injury yesterday a team from Virgin turned up to install my neighbours services including laying a new cable.

    Si if you do not want to risk complete loss of service I suggest you steer clear of the promises of this lot and take account of the many instances of shoddy service – adding my experience to the warnings in earlier correspondence. I think they really could not care less and as mentioned in earlier correspondence their call centre leaves much to be desired. After I explained I had no dial tone to the phone they asked me If I had rebooted the Broadband service!!,

  49. I have just searched on Google for “leaving Virgin Media” as I intend to drop the growing expense of Virgin Media. to be fair the service has been fine for me but the “3 for £30 costs now £70! and just isn’t value for money anymore. What I need is advice from you guys. I’m about to order a Samsung 8000 TV and will want a new internet provider and way of receiving TV stuff, so many options I’m getting lost in it. Ihave TiVo and want to replace it with a way of recording stuff to watch later but again sooooo much choice. Please help.

  50. Ive just attempted to cancel my telephone and line rental with vm as Ive had a drop in my income and cant afford to keep on paying £60 just for a phone and some broadband. The way Ive been treated is disgusting. I havent had tv with vm since about 2006 when I phoned up and cancelled it because I switched to Sky because I was paying around £90 a month. Except it wasnt actually cancelled, just downgraded. Now Ive tried to cancel my landline, they have tried to get me to change to some other package which if I had agreed to I would still have been paying for a landline which I wanted to cancel. Finally I pointed out that on a price comparison website their standalone broadband is around £24 a month but they suddenly dont do that anymore and standalone broadband is going to cost £30, So I said ok to that however it comes at a price. They will only cancel my landline if I return my set top box which after almost 8 years, I dont have and surely when I phoned to cancel my tv back then, they should have come to collect it or something, right? Anyway if I dont return set top box within 28 days theyre going to charge me around £300. Have reported them to watchdog but any help would be great.

    • You have my deepest sympathy – from my experience VM are beneath contempt and Branson should be eating humble pie

  51. Where to start, i am just on the road to starting a war with these fuckers. Utter contempt for them. I was mislead into a VERBAL CONTRACT over the phone, the phone call is nowhere to be seen to confirm or deny my position, (is that even legal), where from £50 a month for dodgy broadband, tv and a phone line it has leapt to £56. I complained that I made it abundantly clear to the lady who renewed me that I was not prepared to go over £50 per month under any circumstances. This was all agreed. Customer service then stated that the phone call was not relevant. They had it on their system that I had agreed to their terms. Isn’t a contract a two way street? I never agreed to any price rises. Anyway, I was told Offcom approve of their practice of sending out a letter prior to price rises and as long as the customer does not cancel within a month they can then charge the new amount. Needless to say I received no letter, yet their system said I had. I asked if recorded delivery had crossed their mind. Of course it isn’t policy. So, despite making it clear i was not prepared to have a contract with price rises, and not receiving any letters advising of any rise anyway, apparently I am stuck in a contract till November. Then the fun and games of cancelling begins. If Offcom are there to monitor these thieves, (that is what they are), can someone explain their value as they are doing a piss poor job of it? Also if we are looking to bash big businesses, why not pick on the corrupt and useless like Virgin Media. Anyone looking to do some online reputation damage to these cretins let me know and we can see how they like their lack of service and fairness publicised regularly!!

  52. Mr M. Alleline Says:

    Hello my fine fellows of this worthy learned society!

    Thought I would share my experience of with Virgin Media. It started in 2013 when they jacked up the price for internet only.

    Similar to Danial above, Virgin agreed (verbal agreement over the phone) for FIXED MONTHLY FEE FOR ONE YEAR.

    During the phone call – I insisted (by stating on more than 3 occasions) that I was only agreeing to price being FIXED FOR ONE YEAR and WOULD NOT CHANGE.

    Virgin Media agreed. I asked for full details of the conversation to be sent to confirm what had been agreed…they said they would.

    1. They did not send transcript
    2. After agreeing to a fixed monthly fee for a period of one year, they changed the price only a few weeks after the new contract.

    I went ballistic and started contacting them. Requested transcript and they ignored my request.

    Few things people should be aware of:

    If you made an agreement on the phone where you specifically stated that you were agreeing only to a fixed price for a year (EG you agree to £40/month for 12 months) – the months notice part of the T&C does not apply as you have entered an agreement on the understanding that it WAS FIXED FOR ONE YEAR. ANY change to this is a breach and thus the contract is terminated.

    The fact that in my case I stated clearly that I would only agree to a new contract if Virgin agreed to the price being “FIXED FOR ONE YEAR” means that Virgin has accepted this as a ‘modification’ of their standard contract. Ofcom might not state this, but I don’t see how they could argue against this as the verbal agreement you make is the contract, and this modification is a key component. However, you should get legal advice before you make any waves

    In my situation which many of you may also have – the act of changing the price so quickly after agreeing a contract is a form of miss selling, as you are being intentionally miss led to agree to contract. Now, I think this is probably a tacit strategy of Virgin Media, it goes like this.

    1. Customer threatens to leave (for what ever reason) and are close to end of contract so phones Virgin.
    2. Virgin offers a discount to keep the customer.
    3. Customer, happy with discount agrees.
    4. One or so month into the contract, and certainly within 3 months, Virgin jack up the fees thus eroding any discount offered.
    5. Customer complains
    6. Virgin ignore their customer, then embark on heavy handed bully boy tactics to coerce the customer via intimidation to continue to pay for a contract THAT THEY NEVER AGREED TO.
    Very unethical and borderline fraud if this is what they do.

    Another highly questionable practice and strategy Virgin has it that they ALWAYS want to deal with customers on the phone. This is so that you never have written proof of what was agreed to.

    Another tactic they use is to place negative entries on your credit file. Please note – If Virgin is in breach of contract, which in my case they are, then they are the breaching party causing the dispute. Thus, they cannot put negative entries on your credit file. To do so is illegal and one can litigate for damages. It might even be fraud as they are involved in a “Deception whereby someone knowingly makes false representation”

    Don’t take my word for that and seek legal advice, but you should at least make sure they have NOT put illegal entries on your credit file, and if you find out they have – then if you are sure you are in the right and they are in the wrong – it’s time to get serious.

    It may be fraud if any or all of the three statements are true in your case:

    1. Deception whereby someone knowingly makes false representation (i.e. making out consumer to be in the wrong when Virgin breached contract)
    2. Fail to disclose all the relevant information (i.e. Virgin caused dispute not consumer but then makes entries on your credit file when Virgin is in breach)
    3. Abuse a position. (again, making entries into credit references agencies when Virgin has actually caused the breach)

    I spoke to the Police (SFO) about Virgin. They said that if you think you have been subject to the crime of fraud, one had to get Ofcom to refer it to the SFO.

    This seems strange as I am a resident in the UK, and I think Virgin may be involved in a crime of Fraud against me, not Ofcom…so why add an extra layer of complexity to the crime?

    We all know that economic regulators tend to do be all huff and very little puff, which is why Virgin do these kinds of things with little recourse or care of punishment, so I’m not too hopeful but I am now making that my mission.

    I think Virgin has proved they are not fit to hold a licence.

    So, I hope Ofcom actually wakes up and does something about Virgin Media – I expect most of their tactics would make the majority of the public feel extremely intimidated.

    The jacking up of the fees must equate to SIGNIFICANT financial gain to Virgin over the year if 95% of customers feel intimidated into allowing this.

    Ofcom – Please wake up and represent the consumer and do something about Virgin Media – they are WAY worse than any Bank or Electricity Utility that I have had to deal with!

    • You have suffered exactly the same issues I have. I would therefore put across we try to put a joint complaint in to offCom to try and get resolution. Believe me, I can complain for England, yet was forced to talk to some nobody at Virgin who was just spinning the party line over and over again. Contacting them is pointless. A campaign to Off com may work, or perhaps trading standards? They are blatantly misleading those who enter into agreement and do so, it seems, without any recourse. To have no access to the phone conversation? Well how am I in a contract then? It is fraud well and truly and it is in no way acceptable.

    • Exactly the same thing has happened to me today. 3 months ago I was with both Sky and Virgin and paying just over £100 for both. I wanted to reduce my bills and just pay for one, didn’t mind which.

      After numerous calls to both Virgin and Sky, Sky came out a little cheaper (£60 a month including movies, broadband, phone) but we were already with Virgin Broadband and my Husband didn’t want any breaks in service, so we went with Virgin for around £72 (give or take). I kept checking that this was for 12 months and that it wasn’t an introductory offer etc. And I was assured that would be my monthly price for 12 months. Today I got a bill for £110!!! Called Virgin and told that the introductory 3 month movie and sports offer was over. I asked them to check my notes as it will tell them on there what was agreed over the many phone calls but they said no, it just says in your notes that you had an introductory offer and you would need to cancel after 2 months if you didn’t want the extra charges!?!?! OUT AND OUT LIES!! I have now sent a letter of complaint and requested transcripts of all calls (which after reading this site I’m pretty sure are not going to be available).

      Why would I cancel Sky, and opt to pay more than I used to pay for having Sky and Virgin!?!? It doesn’t even make sense. I am absolutely LIVID. I will not let this drop. It’s so criminal it’s not funny. First step complaint letter, (oh and a quick Twitter update done)…. next step if I don’t get anywhere will be Ofcom and Watchdog.

      How did you get on?? Bstards. Wish I had stayed with Sky! They sorted me out an excellent deal and clearly Virgin just went blah blah blah yeah yeah yeah we can do that too… NOT!! LIARS!!!!!!

  53. Having cancelled my TV package on June 3rd, but keeping telephone and broadband, I receive a new contract that hasn’t included my service reduction. When I call them I am told that the person who I dealt with forgot to forward my request for cancellation, but remember to add on my new broadband service. I eventually get a new contract for reduced services on June 11. Today I receive an ebill for the full whack. 1st excuse – nobody informed billing. 2nd excuse – you are required to pay 1 month in advance and we will credit your refund next month. Even though my previous bill was inclusive of services that go beyond my cut off date. Change of service 3rd July paid up until 14th July and now billed up until 14th August. Frustrated!

  54. Robert Knight Says:

    I have just come off a telephone conversation with Virgin Customer Services in which I wanted to cancel the 1571 service. That was no problem but the slick tongued operator couldn’t help himself in advising me that he had good news for me and was going to free of charge upgrade my broadband speed to 150Mb (I told him I was advised of that 6 months ago so it wasn’t the greatest news I had heard today) and that he was going to include calls to 0845 numbers, mobiles and overseas all free of charge, and he was going to reduce my bill by 70pence (YES! 70pence – not £70 which would have been more appropriate), AND he was going to send me the new contracts out that day. At the point of hearing about new contracts I asked him if that meant I was going to contract with Virgin Media for another 12 months. At first he had the brassneck cheek to lie to me and say now everything is free of charge. When I emphasised that that was not the question I asked he then admitted that I would be signed up for another 12 month contract period but that it was up to me how I interpreted his words. I advised him that I had been speaking the English language for 63 years and not to try to play semantics with my language and that his selling techniques were a disgrace in 2014 and Virgin need to improve their honesty with their customers. Needless to say I shall be reviewing my relationship with Virgin and taking note of the other comments made in this forum. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to report these sort of abuses disguised under free offers to customers.

  55. My partner and i have used virgin for a year and a half everytime we miss a payment and we get cut off that day we pay it tgen it takes nearily 48 hours to reconnect!! Plus not only have connection problems throughout the month which is there fault we have to pay full price of 70 pounds im so furious with virgin and wouldnt recommend them to anyone.

  56. Thanks everyone – we have Virgin cable in the street we will be moving into and the previous owner’s Virgin connection box is still installed in the living room. We won’t be using Virgin Media!!!

  57. I use Macmail (IMAP settings, not POP3), and my isp is Virgin Media (cable connection). If I leave Virgin and am disconnected from their cable service, can I be certain all my emails will remain in Mac Mail ? Thank you.

    • Mr M. Alleline Says:

      If your email address is not provided by Virgin Media, then you can continue to use it. For example if it was a then there is no problem. If the email is then that would probably be terminated.

      However, Sky seems to give permanent email addresses.

      While I am here I will give you an update.

      So in it would appear that Credit Reference Agencies in the UK are commercial companies that will make negative entries on your credit file at the instruction of one of their clients – in this case – Virgin.

      What seems unbelievable to me in the UK is this. If the company lies about your credit file and gives the credit company false information (Deception whereby someone knowingly makes false representation which is fraud) the credit companies don’t care.

      They say they do, but what I found out is that ultimately they believe their client. So when their client lies, there is not a check to verify the facts. They will flag what you say, but then agree with the response of the firm – their client. This can cause wrongful denial of financial services.

      So, the consumer has to ignore the credit companies as they have a commercial conflict of interest – (which they admitted to me) and go to the Information commissioner and flag a breach of the disclosure (falsified or misrepresented information) to the Credit Reference company by the firm in question (Virgin)

      Then the information commissioner (if they agree with you) has to file a request to the credit reference company to remove the entries. But – the Information commisoiner state they don’t want to get involed in disputes!

      Does anyone feel this is not democratic? It makes the credit reference business effectively an attack dog for any firm that wants to squeeze their customers.

  58. Virgin are unbelievable trying to cancel is a joke phoned them up payed my outstanding balance off and canceled it 6 yes SIX MONTHS LATER and moved into a new place new owners are fully moved into old house they are still emailing me phoning texting me phoned them up to be back where I started if I pay the outstanding balance for not using there products they will cancel it they can get FOOKED rubbish company wouldn’t recommend them to nobody awful service people are hard to understand on the phones!!!

  59. Hi There,

    i saw this blog and could not resist making a comment.

    I have had a virgin email address for about 15 years, i have been using it freely for that time – assuming that it was a free email similar to hotmail, gmail etc.

    I have of course got all sorts of different sites linked with that email as well as all my friends and family over the years knowing it.

    I received an email from Virginmedia the other day telling me they were going to delete the email address unless i took out a contract with them for their broadband service – (Bear in mind i have had this email free without subscribing to any of their services for about 15 years)

    i instantly phoned them – chargeable from mobile!! and was on the phone to ‘customer services!!’ for ages, then sales for ages!!. They did eventually phone me back.

    It turns out that the only way to keep the email address was to take out a contract with them for one of their services – this i felt i had no option other than to agree. They then checked the services in my area and they are unable to offer me the service as there is no fibre in the road as it is a private road!!

    They then confirmed that there was no way of me retaining the email address what ever i did and that it would be deleted with no option of forwarding any emails to me once it had been deleted.

    As usual – ‘the computer says no’ and there is no one to talk to who seems to be able to listen to the issue and offer some way of assisting/understanding the potential problems that this will cause me, and offering a solution to assist from virginmedia.

    i would add that they said i should not have had the email account as i was not a customer, however i have not been a customer for years so why decide that now – is that some sort of administrative error their end which i am now having to just accept!!!

    It seems they have got me over a barrel!!

    • Hi Gareth

      I empathise with your frustration. I too have had a Virgin email address for almost as long as I can remember. I was one of their early customers back in the dial up days then when broadband came along I signed up (for the first time) with someone else but kept my Virgin address which like you I have built on as my established contact address for everyone who knows me.

      I too had the email a few days ago saying that I needed to take out a virgin broadband account or lose my email. And yes, they can’t provide a service for my area either.

      It’s bad enough having to contemplate switching providers just to keep an email address of 20 years but I don’t see why I should have to lose the address if the only reason is because they can’t provide a service I’m prepared to sign up to.

      Why virgin media are unable to cover my area when all the other major providers can is beyond me. I thought this was the 21st century not the 19th !!

    • I’ve had a Virgin email address for years too. I was given it FREE to keep no matter what in the 90s. That’s what I was told at the time. How can they come back now after all these years and say they are deleting it???

      I remember they came back to me years later and said they were going to take it if I didn’t use their service. I also had big arguments with them and told them, I was told this email belonged to me for life, it was given free for life. They didn’t care. I was with Telewest at that time, and had to use dial up to go to Virgin and use it so many times a month or something. Anyway

      I would have the same problem as all my important mail goes through this address and I also have all my folders too that I need. How can a company do this and why would they. It seems fairly petty.

      I have been with Virgin for many years and must say I’ve not had many problems at all. The thing that’s really getting to me now is all the price rises. I had to call to say I couldn’t afford it any more and they took £5.00 a month off loyalty. I just got a letter 2 days ago to say it’s all going up again in January by £3.85 I think it was. So much for the £5.00 off.

      I’m really fed up paying for a home phone I don’t need and for a TV service I never use apart from catch up now and again that I don’t really need either.

      I started off at £21.00 and ended up at £36.00???? Now with the new rise I will be back at just a few pence under £35.00. I think loyal customers pay for new ones that get very cheap deals. I’m also sick of people getting all the channels and broadband free, because someone has set it up for them because they still have a signal going into their house. I take it we’re paying for that too!!!

  60. hello….i have broadband and phone from vermin but about 18 months – 2 yr ago I stopped the tv…I was asked for the box back within 2 months…and as I worked upto 16 hours a day then there was no way to get to a postoffice so I advised and agreed I would package up the box and leave it in a dry place at my property on a certiain day…which I did..on my return from work that day the box had gone so I assumed all was as agreed and sorted….now today aprox 2 yrs later they send me an email saying they want equiptment back and to contact them to sort out the return…ive emailed them detailing what was agreed and am now waiting for the repy !…thing is now im on medication for depression and anxiety and this has really exasperating my condition as ive heard I can be charged upto £250 for any equiptment missing….I really need some help here guys as im past myself with worry !!

  61. Ian Cummings Says:

    I also have a virgin email address that I’ve had for about 15 years (it was free when I took it out and I’ve never been a customer apart from using their premium rate technical help phone line) and they have told me they want to cancel it. That’s a real pain in the arse. Do they not have a duty to forward emails etc. to what new email address I set up.

  62. Virgin Media? Never again. Closing my account, their final direct debit failed as alas my bank had frozen the credit card for a few days whilst an overseas transaction (legitimate but unusual) was checked out. Demands for payment followed as I “had not paid the final bill”.

    I rang them, asking for a final bill to be issued and explaining the reason for failure of the direct debit was outside my control. They only took payment via direct debit, they said. As I had by then cancelled the account, they could not take a further, final collection. A cycle of demands for payment and my calls asking to be sent a bill which I could actually physically pay – happy to – followed.

    Then the debt collection agency letters started. I wrote letters explaining the situation, asking for a bill, only to be referred to a telephone number with numerous options. Eventually, after some months, I received a letter telling me to call a different number which I did, and finally they took a credit card payment.

    “Virgin Media” and “wish on your worst enemy”, hmm, that fits.

  63. We had package deal with vm about 4 years ago and was in my husbands name, I called them to make payment after I had cancelled DD, they were happy to take the payment but when I informed them we wanted to cancel account they refused to deal with me as I was not the account holder. Needless to say it took several calls, and the complaints I had made had not been logged.
    A few weeks later they sent out employee to collect box and cables.
    A month later we received a bill for £73 but trying to contact VM was a battle to find out what it was for needless to say after a few notices from vm I was getting frustrated so I just sent payment to them.
    A couple of month ago we tried to move our mortgage and needed our credit reports, was so upset to find vm put a default on my husbands report and I am in the process of trying to get it removed. So difficult to find any contact details for VM unless you have an account. So fed up I got in touch with experian to try and help.

    VM are the worst company I have had to deal with in. If we had known how we would be treated would never have gone there.
    I don’t know who regulates this company but boy they really need to sort this out.
    Lets hope experian can help sort this out or I will have to wait 4 years for this £73 default to be removed

  64. Even though this blog is getting old now, I have to tell my story as I’m sure many more people will read this. I will try to keep it brief:

    After a visit from a friendly salesman in March 2014, I signed up to Virgin broadband as one of my lodgers, who paid for a Sky package, moved and took it with him. It was set up quickly and worked perfectly until June when the signal became intermittent. By July it packed up completely. I tried calling to rectify the problem but could never get through. E-mails were left unanswered and I wrote a letter instead.

    In the meantime, I also had problems paying the bills. They only offered on-line payments but failed to give me the passwords and special pin numbers to access and pay the bill. The bill e-mails also arrived on the day the bill was due therefore my delayed payment (by cheque) included a late payment charge. I wrote two more times to complain about both problems but still no reply. My third letter resulted in an automated letter confirming receipt of my complaint letters but nothing else happened.

    Not long after the broadband failed, the box overheated to the point where it was too hot to touch and smelled of burning plastic. I unplugged it as soon as I noticed it. (I had to hide the router outside as one of my silly clown lodgers, fed up with no internet, kept plugging it back in despite the danger!) Once again I wrote to Virgin with now three complaints – plus a threat to request cancellation but still no reply. At the end of July I wrote one final time to say I was cancelling my subscription and would only pay the final bill for July plus a month’s notice, for August, which I duly paid.

    Late August I finally received a letter from Virgin Media Customer Complaints Department. The gentleman made various claims and excuses and even contradicted himself a few times. He basically said I had to telephone to cancel the service but because I was still under contract, a £180 fee plus an extra month’s bill had to be paid. He even said they had no record of me reporting any faults. I wrote back pointing out these issues and my refusal to pay the fee as they breached the agreement by not providing me with any service. I also pointed out that I had requested to cancel in writing and was not comfortable handing over sensitive information over the phone.

    He wrote back again urging me to call but I refused. By now I received another bill (this time by post because I ignored the e-mail bill) for September which I did not pay. He said I still had to pay the £195 cancellation fee (it increased!) and really pushed the need to phone him during office hours. I work during the day making this impossible. He also said they had a record of me calling Virgin in June about the billing problem but had never reported the fault. I never actually got through on the phone.

    Disgusted by such ignorance, I waited before writing back. I received another bill (by post) for October’s outstanding bill plus another letter from Customer Care issuing a Default Notice. I was given 14 days to reply. I have sought some legal advice and written to the gentlemen in both departments standing firm to what I already said. Now I think it is just a battle of the wills. Is it worth taking me to court for £91 outstanding? What happened to the £195 fee?

    By this stage, the phone calls started. I had one missed call each day for a week. I looked it up and saw it was Virgin. I saved it in my mobile as ‘DoNotAnswerVirgin1’. I also received a daily text message asking me to call them. Over the last two weeks I have had three calls a day, between 8:20 and 19:00 from three different numbers (all saved the same as above but with a ‘2’ and a ‘3’ at the end) plus one text message per day. They are relentless but I duly ignore them.

    My advice is NOT to make (or receive) phone calls but put everything in writing. This way you retain a hard copy of all correspondence and communication. Phone calls are time-consuming, expensive and are recorded to be used against you. All other companies expect contracts to be made out in writing including the cancellation of such agreements. Virgin prefer to get you on the phone, twist your words and delay cancellation so that they can extract more money. Virgin are bullies and need to be stood up against. Never give in to their threats. I will have to keep you posted on whatever happens next.

  65. Well where do I start? Had VM for a few years with no problem as I’m not a fan of Sky.

    7 months ago my recordings began freezing and skipping which then began to happen to my live TV too. An engineer came out and replaced my TiVo box hoping that would fix the problem.

    Long story short over the last 7 months I have been visited by 7 different engineers, had my box replaced four times and still the issue remained.

    Taking matters into my own hands I emailed VM CEO Tom Mockridge to voice my displeasure at what was happening. Got a response from his office and it became an official complaint. The next thing they did was replace all my external cabling and so they dug up my front lawn but again this didn’t sort the problem.

    Then the principle technician for my area came out with his manager and for about the third time replaced my internal cables but still the issue remained.

    The principle visited a couple more times and discovered the problem was with the main box that serves my street. Plugging my TiVo straight into the main box he saw that the errors happened there and not at my property (one channel alone had 21000 error messages on it).

    This was then passed onto the network team as the main street box is their domain. During this time I constantly contacted the person handling my complaint but never got a response. When I called the office I was told that my complaint had been closed but they could not tell me why. Another email to Mr Mockridge and a new complaint was opened. Meanwhile the network team came out at least twice and supposedly fixed the problem but nothing changed.

    Eventually enough was enough and I got the complaints team to agree to cancel my account (TV,bb and phone) with no notice and no termination fee. I also had them email me confirmation of this so that I had evidence of our conversation.

    I was also told via live chat that after collecting my final DD of £89 I would be due a refund of £98 as my payments covered the month ahead. I got them to agree to cancel my DD and just refund the difference which I should get after 26th when my service with VM ends and I go back to Sky. Again I took a print of the live chat so I have evidence to back me up should they try it on.

    To be honest I did love VM, being used to TiVo and having to lose a show going back to Sky is a big hit (recording 2 and watching a third was great) and the bb I had with them was top rate but the last 7 months have put me off them as a company despite my disliking for Sky.

  66. Just received a letter Virgin are putting up the cost by £3.64 a month, they cannot get away with this and I will be using the following clause to get out of the contract:

    3.If a.we and/or Virgin Media Payments increase our charges under these Terms and Conditions;
    b.we make significant changes to the Services so the Services you are entitled to receive in return for the charges you pay are significantly altered or reduced; or
    c.we and/or Virgin Media Payments make significant changes to these Terms and Conditions.
    you may cancel the Service affected without penalty by giving us notice in writing. If you cancel your Service in these circumstances, the increased charges will not apply to your Service prior to cancellation and section H.6 will not apply if you cancel before the end of the Minimum Period. If you do not give us notice of cancellation within 30 days of any increase in charges or changes to the Service or these Terms and Conditions being notified to you or, if later, receipt of your first bill following such increase in charges, we and Virgin Media Payments will assume that you have accepted the increase in charges and the changes to the Service and these Terms and Conditions and you will no longer be able to cancel your Service under this section.



    • Good Luck!

      • Thomas Says:

        Hi Telescoper, so glad to have found your blog! I am having problems with vm, and getting rid, mainly over a bill that I paid,
        which they say they havent received, and even though I have proved to them that I paid cash using one of the designated methods {the post office} they won’t budge,
        even though I was paying a £5 “handling charge” with every bill I paid, untill the money is in their account I’M CONSIDERED A NON PAYER! I have been without bb and phone now for about 2 months, the initai bill has risen from £50 to £174 because a “rolling monthly con-tract” was hidden in the small print of the original expired con-tract
        all I get from them after hours on the phone is “pay the bill and the excess will be refunded” yeah like fuck it will, I’m not paying them anything more
        and as for direct action, I had decided to get some flyers done and devote at least a couple of saturday afternoons to standing outside of a vm shop informing potential customers of what scheisters they are,and putting off as many as I can,
        still gonna do it,just dont need the flyers now!
        I’m going to print off multiples of this blog address and hand them out instead!
        I like your idea of invoicing the bastards as well and will be looking into that……..I’ll let you know how I get on, cheers mate!

  67. Gina Hardesty Says:

    feeling free…gone back to BT..
    never been so ripped off in my life! 1 hour plus sometimes on the phone to try and resolve or report issues, cancellation team answers within 2 minutes! crazy!!!! goodbye and good riddance virgin, your not fit for purpose and customers can empower themselves by either cancelling, or reporting their shoddy practice to ofcom! disgraceful, and such a shame to see such revenue like this lost!

  68. Mukkin123 Says:

    This blog is a god send, I’ve cancelled my broadband only contract with Virgin and that took effect from 3rd Dec 2014, however, like others, I’ve been charged for the following month. fortunately I had already read most of this blog and cancelled the DD, I got a payment form in the post asking for the November payment, which I happily paid and sent a accompanying letter stating I wouldn’t pay fees for a service I wouldn’t be receiving and asked for a final bill, which should equate to around £10.50

    Well. today I received an undated letter asking £53.00 even after I had paid the £26.50 for the month I owed, plus, they are now trying to extort a £10.00 fee for late payment, god I love a challenge!

    I’m going to charge them the £12 extra on my mobile bill, which they agreed to pay, but have received nothing, plus I’m going to charge them £10 a month for storing their equipment until they come and collect it, some may say it’s fruitless and it may well be, however, I will not be bullied by a bullying corporation… this space!

  69. Thanks to this blog. I am now virgin free and do not feel like a milked cow every 3 months when i receive the ever increasing price rise notifications. Reading others stories has helped greatly.

    After the initial interrogation by the retention dept i was out. To be honest they do not seem to have much fight left in them any longer they are so expensive and know people are mad to stay with them.

    We cancelled mid way through a month and so had to pay an entire month extra. I preferred to do this than have these clowns decide to seek revenge and have a party with my perfect credit rating.

    On the day of release my account suddenly went £12 in credit for the unused portion I had prepaid. I kind of guessed i would never see that cash again and had written it off in mind like a bribe to secure my release. But a small part of me thought there may be a shred of humanity left in the corporate money grabbing machine that is virgin media so i kept the dd live just in case. Alas I was wrong to hope – no further communications and my outstanding cash has been swallowed forever never to be seen again.

    Virgin has already started mailing me with offers to attract me back. I appear to have recovered from the stockholm syndrome that kept me a loyal cashcow to Virgin Media for the past 8 years and just throw them straight in the bin.

    One point for anybody else in my position. I did not watch internet tv or play games so requirements were modest. My fibre optic virgin line gave average 22mb/sec on a 30mb claimed capacity. My new EE ADSL line is giving 17mb/sec and i notice no difference. So do not believe all the virgin hype that they are so super fast. Its just not true in the real world.

    Cost of the switch was price of a £125 humax recorder so i could video freeview tv shows to replace v+. Cost of line switch £30. I prepaid a years line rental to EE and they are giving me a voucher for £120 apparently not received yet but i am hopeful (i dont know why) which will cover most of the £138 switching cost then £2.50 thereafter for 1st year. So overall for a year its about £150 quid including the recorder. To me thats a bargain. I am back in control and will now whore my business around annually like a floozy for the best deal. I am free.

  70. I am 100% sure of my facts… but I think to qualify for a certain Broardband speed only 10% of the customers need to get it at anyone time.

  71. So i originally signed up for just 20meg broad band.. they called me every week from day 1 trying to get me to take the tv package and my freeview box had just died.. so i agreed. then they called me about taking the phone line.. i always refused as i never used it and they charge 16.99 a month line rental.. I told them lost the line rental and id go for it but i dont want to pay 15.99 a month for something i will never use. After having this same conversation 15 times i had a call 1 sunday morning about 9am telling me as im such a loyal customer i could have the phone with no line rental.. I said for what 3 months? they said NO FOR THE DURATION OF YOUR TIME WITH VIRGIN…POTENTIALLY FOREVER! i agreed to taking it and checked my bill end of the month and guess what? 15.99 line rental charge.. I called them and they said i agreed to the terms in the small print agreeing to the line rental charges. I am now tied to a new contract until july 2015 on these charges! they told me their sales team would never offer such an outragious offer as free linerental and i asked for the recorded call to be played back and i always take a name of the person i am talking to.. when i gave this persons name apparently he did not work for virgin!

    The whole company is a joke. talk talk internet is 16.99 a month virgin is 28.50 a month

    hurry up july i want to cancel the whole fucking lot!

  72. two other point to be aware of if you should ever sign up to Virgin Media. NEVER use their email. They used to have a facility to forward your email, but for a year it didn’t work , and now its gone. so when you change you have to change your email as well.
    AND their landline phone numbers can’t be ported. so you have to change your phone number as well.

  73. Different complaint here folks,
    had the £15.00 a month sim only, just before Xmas, i am pretty dam sure it said “unlimited calls,unlimited txts, and 3G of data”.

    just had a phone bill of £37.00 for January 2015, so back at VM i find that the description has changed from “unlimited calls” to “unlimited Txt minutes, unlimited txts and 3G of data”?

    if the original Add had said “unlimited text minutes” i would have seen it. because i am not a heavy texter, but i do call my mother and chat for 20 mins each day,

    luckily this is a 30 day renew contract so VM can do what politicians do when caught with there pants down, SHOVE THERE HEADS UP THERE ARSES

  74. Changing my mobile contract, early buy out £80?
    Anyway, have been sent 5 emails. In one, you click on the link to an e contract. In the next you are given a “unique security key” to input in the contract.
    This doesn’t work. Tried for 2 days. Sent emails to Theteam. They replied that someone would call me on my landline as requested.
    They called my mobile and I missed the call.
    Told them to shove their new mobile up their………
    I have the basic TVs, broadband and landline. More expensive than my mortgage !
    I’m going to add a note in my will……
    Don’t pay vm a fu….. Penny when I’m gone !

  75. Virgin media rip off, I had Virgin for a few year and my monthly bills were on average £125.00, I moved house and wanted to take Virgin with me but virgin do not supply the street I moved to so I had to cancel their services and join sky. I got a final bill through charging £57 for a cancelation charge, why the hell should I pay this when it’s their fault I can’t get their services.

  76. I’ve never really had much problem in the products – broadband reliable and TV only out twice (for less than a day). That’s over 2 years. So, I’ve never had to ring to speak to anyone at VM….. and THANK GOODNESS. I’d been dreading today, I’d read the above and so many other posts across the www.

    I’m out of contract and moving in 4 weeks, I knew I had to cancel with a month notice so I’ve been counting down the weeks to this phone call. I *could* move services to the new house but yeah, as I said, I’ve read too many nightmares to get into another contract. Aside from that, they’ve increased the price twice in the 2 years, so any great offers would no doubt be immediately negated by more price increases. Right now I’m paying £50 yes FIFTY pounds every month for M+ basic TV (is it better than Freeview?), a phone line I’ve never wanted or use and only up to 30mb internet which is all we really need but £50!! I mean…. Really.

    The phone call(s) were a nightmare, I talked to 7 or 8 different people, I was cut off and had to call and start the process again and the retention department (definitely housed overseas) tried to manipulate everything I said to push me to someone else for a different contract over and over. In the end I had to re-talk to someone else and lie not telling them I’m moving and saying ‘I just don’t want the services anymore’ and telling them I’ll use Freeview and my mobile. Luckily I don’t use their ‘free’ email (only for contract customers) or their cloud – another manipulative way they try to keep you.

    Anyway, 45 minutes on the phone in 2 calls, lots of being left on hold and speaking to lots of people who sounded very frazzled and unhappy (despite it only being 10am and not the end of the day), I finally got it cancelled. The next problems I foresee and if anyone can advise I’d like to hear:
    1. they’ll be sending the packaging for the tivo after I’ve moved out because I lied saying I’m not moving to avoid a LOT more time talking to retentions about moving services to the new address AND to avoid giving them my new address.
    2. i’m told THEY cancel the DirectDebit and not to cancel it, that they take payment up to the cancel date then refund anything else by cheque, in the post, to this address that i’ll have moved out of.

    – Can I just ring up telling them i’ve moved after I’ve moved?
    – Should I cancel the DD myself or am I waging a war I cannot be bothered to get involved in?

    Anyway, I’m free, liberated from VM – I better go do a dance…

    • From my experience, make sure that they cannot get anymore money from your bank. I cancelled and moved to Sky and thought everything was done.

      How wrong was I. A few months later I noticed that line rental and telephone charges were still being taken. I phoned them and they claimed Sky had not ported the number so they still owned it so were charging for it. Weird as when I dialed 150 I got through to Sky and when I phoned Sky they gave me proof of the ported being completed. Sky also told me that this was a regular occurrence.

      Virgin would not budge though and I never got my money back. Their staff nigh on accused me of lying, and were incredibly rude and unhelpful. My argument was that I gave 28 days notice to cease services. At the end of that 28 days they should have disconnected me even if Sky hadn’t ported the number. They also stated that as my account was closed (but hey, how could it be closed, they were charging me money), I would have to write to complain to get the charges to stop.

      In the end I went on a Social Media rant and slated them on Twitter, Facebook etc. Within 1 hour, their Social Media team had apologised and finally cancelled my contract. I never got the 3 months of line rental and phone package charges back, but they will never get me back as a customer and I know that I have talked a number of people out of subscribing to them.

  77. Snail Mail is best way to cancel Virgin Media. Send a “signed for” letter of cancelation. Cancel your Direct Debit at end of contract period and request they send you a box for their modem etc.
    I have not heard about a cancelation fee. Perhaps you are referring to mid-term cancelation?

  78. I Can’t wait for my Virgin contract to end I’ve already got sky TV reinstalled (for 12 months free) until the virgin contract runs out.The amount of virgin broadband outages really isn’t funny,
    Sky never provided such a shabby service, the one and only reason why I left Sky is because they wouldn’t let me change my package deal to a cheaper one.
    The virgin phone line has broke down twice, and some of the TV channel screens are sometimes Pixelated and the colour is drab.
    whilst the same Sky are NOT.Record three channels at once…..”yeah” if your lucky the pop-up doesn’t tell you that you need to watch one of them.

  79. E Turner Says:

    I have just bought a new house and when i contacted virgin media to transfer my account and connect me they ,informed me that they did not have cable on this site and that i will have to pay 250 pounds disconnection fee

    • Oh dear their shoddy practices seem to be continuing unabated. Good luck. We are problem free with their main competitor.

  80. Victoria Says:

    So you gave one months notice and paid for the months services you had. I don’t see the issue here?

  81. Gwyn Chaplin Says:

    Just found this site ..and I’m scared to death!!
    Have been with VM for some years but 13 months ago had problems with a series of outages of landline and TV. After a number of telephone calls to VM (and a threat to leave) I was offered a discount that I accepted. The discount was, in the call handlers own words, in perpetuity of the account.
    Had a look at last months online bill and the basic bundle cost has increased from an agreed figure of £49+ to £70+. The original discount was for £12 per month.
    A call to VM about this huge hike resulted in being told I was either mistaken or lying and that I could obtain a transcript of the call from VM HQ. I have emailed a request for this transcript but having read the above comments, I’m not certain that I shall ever get it.
    Sky have offered me a similar deal to my present bundle at a lot less than £70 but now I am terrified of cancelling VM and experiencing the problems related by scores of ex-VM customers.
    Unlike some contributors, I’m gettting to old to fight but it sounds like there is no option….where did I put my gladiators uniform ?

  82. I just moved to a new house half a mile away so I informed Virginmedia to reconnect my box as there was no connection cable for my box to connect too in the house they said it was no problem and because I had an old NTL box they would install a new Virgin Super Hub free of charge. Then they sent me an email with my next bill due. I noticed they added an extra £20. when I queried it with them they said it was a charge for moving house.
    Roll on next February I will be leaving them Be warned these people are sneaky bast..ds they don’t do themselves any favours. they think they can con people and get away with it all they are doing is pushing loyal customers away and going else ware.

  83. I moved to Virgin Media in February, my life has never been the same since. During the install the engineer shredded my arial cable by pulling a length of it through the socket cutting it the metal edge inside. I now have no TV downstairs and have to watch TV in the bedroom. I have had this confirmed by an independent arial engineer but Virgin will not accept this.

    I am also being charged for calls to a service number (Vodafone in Ireland). I never use my landline apart from calling Virgin Media using 150 which is free.

    I received a letter from their office stating that they would credit me the phone calls but all future charges will be deemed as correct and my responsibility to pay for them. Why should I pay when I am not making them?!? I have no way to investigate the issue myself, VM state that as they changed the switch there can’t be anything wrong – so if that is the case why am I being charged for these calls?

    Absolute rubbish service, the TV has a slow response as well and an old fashioned interface.

    Makes BT look fabulous – at least I didn’t get charged for calls I didn’t make – no problems there at all but their service was appalling.

    Am I correct that you can change supplier at any stage of your contract now?

  84. I had a situation with vm when they gave me a price to change my service and when they actually implemented it it was for more than they had told me, I demanded that they listen to the initial call, at first they kept saying no but I demanded I speak to a supervisor and told them that all their calls are recorded and they had details as to when I had called and I would be cancelling my direct debit and service if they didn’t and if I received future bills I wold sue the ass clean off them, within 2 hours they came back and told me they had listened to the call that I was right, their staff had left out important information from the first call and they would be reprimanded, It was not my intention to get someone reprimanded but whether ur ballsy or not just be brave and stand up for urself its over the phone which I find makes it to be abrupt, this happened about 18 months ago I have now cancelled my service and phoned two weeks later to ensure the cancellation is on record, I have cancelled my direct debit because I was told I need to pay my bill of £90+ but would receive a refund for £40+ A week later, hell no, that’s not happening, so far no “box” has arrived for me to send their stuff back and as I am moving in 3 days my view is its ur equipment u go and get it, btw I am posting this at 1.45 am and my service should have been disconnected at 12am. Let me assure u, I will not be paying for this message!!! they didn’t turn it off tough!!

  85. I recently contact Virgin Media with view to downgrading my package to save my monthly outgoing costs.

    During my telephone conversation I asked specifically about cancelling my contract and was told that I should call in September as my contract end date was due in October.

    Having called in September I have now been told that unbeknown to me the lady I spoke to had renewed my contract again and I won’t be able to cancel my contract without incurring a substantial fee.

    I have not received any notice of a contract renewal in the post and find it impossible to see any of this information on line and am now under contract until next year argh!

    • Lee,

      They cannot move you onto a new contract without your agreement. If you did not agree, it is probably Virgin doing their intentional deception for financial gain play which is Financial Fraud.

      So, the call centre person made a mistake and your on a rolling one month existing contract and can cancel by giving notice, or they did move you onto a new contract; due to an internal error or intentional fraud.

      I would write to them, explain what happened, and say you want to cancel the contract you took out, and enclose a copy of that agreement. Explain in the letter that you did phone but were given incorrect information about the contract being renewed. Point out that is a mistake and that you did not ever agree to this. Be clear but be calm.

      1. Write to the head office via recorded delivery and make a formal complaint so that it’s logged in their system.
      2. Don’t bother with emails or telephone as you will go round in circles.
      3. Be very clear you want a formal response in writing.

      I have a theory that Virgin play very loose with the rules for renewing contracts and it is fraud, but hard to prove. The regulator and Ombudsmen don’t want anything to do with it. Also note if you deal with the Ombudsmen, Virgin deal with them all the time and have an advantage over you, they know how to submit a defence as they do it so regularly. The best strategy is leaving Virgin, as I did. I will never go back.

      After a battle of more than 2 years, they would not remove illegal credit entries on my credit report, even though they changed the contract terms and I terminated the contact. They threatened to take me to court on numerous occasions for £48 which I did not owe. I told them, “take me to Court Please” as I want to expose their fraudulent practices.

      They gave up, but I get shafted by the incorrect entries on credit file and was only guilty of asking Virgin to comply with the agreement we made on the phone. Note, you will struggle to get these entries removed despite what everyone says…the Credit File Companies are skewed toward the firm…you cannot put a credit mark on their report for fraud, but they can manipulate you by using financial leveraged by putting incorrect entries on credit reports. The dice are loaded!

      They did not provide the audio transcripts of my contract hat was agreed on the phone (no shock there) where I asked them to send a letter that detailed what we agreed to (they agreed to fix the price for a year with no hikes for inflation). This is a modification of their Standard Terms and conditions. The Ombudsman said I should have recorded the telephone conversations when agreeing a new contract!

      The Ombudsman was a joke, the title of their report had the wrong address on it and was sent out sharp at 4:57PM on a Friday…it looked a Cut and Paste Job if ever I saw it, and my solicitor said it read like they were a share holder in Virgin.

      From my experience, don’t waste your time with them. Make a complaint and get everything in writing. You will probably find that as soon as they receive your letter, your phone will start ringing non stop – they don’t like to say anything in writing.

      If you don’t get anywhere, move on…I wasted far too much time these twats, the system is too skewed towards them and they lie constantly, first to get your business, then to keep it, and then when your trying to get away from these dishonest bloodsucking parasites.


  86. For years I’ve been the victim of what can only be described as Information Superhighway Robbery. And, you know, I was beginning to think it was personal because I’d never heard of anyone else with similar experiences, ever.
    From arbitrarily changing billing to a month in advance, nine month price freeze subject to a cross-the-board 11 per cent rise the following month, late payment charges on bills raised on line.
    I really could go on.
    My own personal favourite is the EXPIRY of a loyalty bonus with a resulting 10 pound price hike. That really is taking the rise.

  87. My parents pay for TV & Phone I Pay for Broadband on a separate account. dad wanted BT Sports added for the Footie & was quoted
    £18 extra a month. A leaflet arrived the day before saying big Kahuna Sports & Films Bundle £110 A month I thought right we’ll merge our packages I get 150mb broadband instead of 50mb
    & dad gets Movies / Tivo HD box / & all sports channels for an extra
    £7.50 each simple Sooooooo Wrooonnnnggggg
    At the initial phone call the lady said fine well send the stuff in 2 days
    just plug it in. next day we get a phone call saying so sorry it has to have an engineer install it, it will be 2 weeks, a few more days go by another phone call, so sorry we can’t get anyone round for 7 weeks.
    During this time my broadband goes down, I phone up and they say you cancelled it, yeah I did because you told me my new router was coming in 2 days at first, anyway I told her the whole storey and the nice lady says installation is done on a points system I see if I can get you some more points, hold please 5 mins later comes back and said this Thursday ok, unbelievable, anyway she said I can set up a new account to get broadband till then. Installation man turns up early Thursday does the installation and leaves, after he’s gone I notice we haven’t got the movies, back on the phone and they say
    you haven’t bought the movies I can add them for more money. OMFG quote her leaflet she says that’s for new customers only
    grrr that was never mentioned at any time during the initial phone call, I lost it then saying get the engineer back take the lot away,
    “oh sorry sir to cancel i’ll have to transfer you to customer services”
    after a long hold tell lady full storey again and she says “ok we can do that package for £105.50 bit cheaper than the leaflet so I thought
    fine I keep it. A few days later get a whole months Broadband bill for the 2 days I had it until the switch over, and a few days after that a
    bill for £122.20 for the package Well and truly past breaking point.
    There were other phone calls made to virgin to sort these issues out
    1 was over 45 mins long which they had conveniently no record of.
    I ‘m guessing I spent a total of over 3 hours on the phone trying to sort this.
    I also took up there Sim only offer (Same leaflet)
    unlimited calls / texts and 2gb data for £12 a month
    Today received a bill for £17.20

  88. I was leaving VM last year, but they guaranteed my discounts would remain in place, making them still marginally cheaper than the competition. Then they gave a “free” speed upgrade, whereupon the bill went up by £4. In August just gone, they cancelled my discounts, increasing the bill by another £13. I have just cancelled and the droid on the phone tried to get me into a conversation regarding why I was leaving. Having been there before I refused to engage, and hung up. DD cancelled at the bank and Sky connecting me before my broadband runs out. Even without their introductory discount they are £12/month cheaper than VM.

  89. I have a similar problem with Virgin media,i canceled my contract with 2 weeks notice before for the reason i”m moving house and they disconected just the tv and phone but broadband still live.After 3 days the contract expires i rung them and tell them the broadband is still on but they said is pending to be disconected do not worry.I didn”t worry because i said is not my problem once i inform them in advance.Anyway i have the surprise to receive a bill from the date i canceled the contract,i was fumming and i rung them back ,every time i ring them they say different things,people with no experience which they want just the bloody feedback from you.The good thing is i canceled my direct debit with them so they can”t retreve any money,but they were very carefull to send me a check .This month i received the second bill and after of course i rung them again they sayd now i just need to pay a half and they will send me another bill.I can”t believe this is happening in this century,i think i rung them over 10 times ,i think is not right,i don”t like to waste time,and i won”t pay a penny more than i was contracted.

    • 01.12.15

      VIRGIN MEDIA ltd are on my mind again


      did you know its impossible to leave this company AND whilst attempting to they keep charging you

      to finally finish with them

      1. pay your bill up to date

      tick did so in 27th November

      2. no ..we cant access the access team or disconnection team as I’ve been told to do again tonight you have to do that otherwise your account isn’t closed !!

      no we cant do it for you

      on your 4 choices when you ring in to virgin there is no mention of cancel or access team nor disconnect team so i wait for customer services each time

      a nice lady tried to put me thru to this invisible department tonight we chatted for 20 minutes .. she now understands

      no you cant find them in the website either ..the nice lady thought moving address would do it …but of course not …that goes round in a loop to the 0345 454 1111 customer services choice of 4 number
      under sorry your leaving but you cant !!

      i managed to obtain the hq address box office number 333 (half of the devils number i note) in swansea sa7 9bb

      ive already had a call from collections today over the £5 accumulated ..which shows £9 now on the billing website tonight

      this is happening when the lady i paid up todate with on 27th assured me (on their recording)
      that i had a week to contact
      access / disconnect / team

      there is only one number into virgin to ring of course

      so im going to have to write to the head office stating in writing I’m cancelling / disconnecting which won’t get there for 2 more days so my bill will have doubled again

      ill have to send it registered

      i have spent nearly an hour tonight trying to contact this ‘one man’ department that is perpetually busy


      mr branson has placed great faith in his employees keeping customers happy but when even the employees cant get you to a cancellation point on the phone … verbally only

      it speaks volumes

      on the virgin community website this tale us repeated very often

      oh virgin sent me an email asking how to rate their service !!!

      oh yes this started back on 8th august a month after i left the address in london

      when j received this text

      note the incomplete tel number

      Hi, could you please give me a call back regarding your Virgin Media installation.
      Many thanks. Chris on 0161 283 Your account is still active and needs closing for a new one to be started at the address.

      and thats how it began again

  90. I was with Virgin Media for the past 10 years, paying by direct debit on a monthly basis without fail.

    Recently, they posted a promotion for new customers offering the same package as mine at 35% less. Despite my call to the customer retention department, they still wouldn’t offer me lower cost.

    If a Virgin Media does not appreciate its loyal customers it’s time to avoid them which is why I left. Virgin Media should know that it’s easy to temp new customer with Special Christmas packages, but loyalty from your existing customers has to be earned.

    • Anton Garrett Says:

      They reckon that people who haven’t changed for a long time even as competitors undercut them can’t be bothered to change whatever, so they regard you as fair game. Car insurance companies do the same. It’s a rational but unpleasant argument in the opposite direction to loyalty discounts.

  91. Well my elderly mother cancelled Virgin Media (for some reason she was stubborn and insisted on keeping the telephone and shitty broadband) last January 2015. She phoned and cancelled it. Today I check her bills and she is STILL BEING CHARGED!!! Some £66 a MONTH!!! Then when I phone them they are all indignant that it hasn’t been cancelled – I was sitting here when she cancelled it! Finally I demand to speak to a manager and she actually checks the account and finds a note saying it is to be cancelled. She then tells me I have to call back tomorrow. Shyster and thiefs the lot of them. Here’s to hoping Richard Bransons stupid spacerocket burns up with the little bastard in it.

  92. Fiona Gregory Says:

    Too expensive. If you need it desperately, libraries have free WiFi.

  93. chris wright Says:

    im having all problems with virgin mobile and media , does anyone want to bring them to court ? i will and probably will have to , anyone interested in joining me ?

    • Beachbum Says:

      Are you a solicitor? I might if you are, but I’m not sure I could dust off the “Virgin Dossier” and fight them again without a legal specialist in the room, they are too big and given the ombudsman route was an absolute joke and waste of oxygen, I’m not sure I have the will power.

      • chris wright Says:

        hi . the fos and fca and all those were set up by tony blaire they have no power but they are just a stop on way to court . court look favourably at those who go through the system first . no one should think the governing bodies have power they have none. but the court does and recorded phone calls are admissable . they dont lie and cannot be argued in court because the law of probability sayes you more than lightly did have to record them .

  94. Liberty Global announced on 5 February 2013 that they had agreed to buy the company for approximately US$23.3 billion (£15 billion) in a stock and cash merger.[30] Shareholders approved the acquisition on 4 June,[32] and the deal was completed on 7 June.[33]

    Virgin Media’s UK operations are ultimately controlled by a US Delaware organisation named Virgin Media (UK) Group Inc.[87] Interested stakeholders cannot confirm who actually owns and controls Virgin Media due to Delaware company law not requiring disclosure of controlling ownership in annual reports made to the state

    these people made 2.228 usd income in 2014

    I and others are on Face Book to tell our stories about Virgin Media in the uk

    never ever ring these people unless your solicitor is listening with you….

    only ever write to them …seriously the number of people who have been tricked into new contracts via an iffy verbal contract is startling

    …. if you move house …new contract …. if you up-grade down-grade …NEW CONTRACT !!

  95. Just had a nightmare with Vrigin Media…our 12months contract finished on the 28th of May.
    So on the 28th of May in the morning I called them to give 30days notice to leave them. Guy on the other end of the phone tried to convince me to stay and gave me a better price that what I am paying at the moment and he said to think about it and call back.
    Which I did..same day a bit later I called again and said I thought about it and I want to cancel it as I am not working at the moment and can’t afford their prices. I ask the guy to transfer my number to new provider (Sky) and to cancel my account so I am free of them on the 27th of June.
    Guy says ok, all done. (after trying to convince me again obviously).
    Today 23rd of June I call them as at this date I still haven’t received a confirmation email saying it will be disconnected on the 27th of June.(I also did a chat on their website and person on the chat confirmed it would be disconnected on the 27th).
    So I call them and was on the phone for a looong time. Turns out on the 28th of May, on the 2nd cal the guy didn’t cancel my account and only transfered my number to Sky…I got angry but it didn’t change anything..kept saying he has to do by the notes etc and the 2 people I talked to on the 28th of May only wrote I was thinking about it and not cancelling account, only transfering number over to Sky..So now I have to pay til the 23rd of July. Sky is coming on the 27th of June to install our broadband, I kept arguing that on the phone and saying I had cancelled my account on the phone on the 28th of May but no..guy has to go with his note..i said why would I have my number transfered on the 27th of June and not stop my broadband with Virgin Media?
    He just kept repeating he has to go with the notes and the notes don’t say I asked for my account to be cancelled.
    I threathened 100times for Trading standard and cancelling my direct debit..didn’t change a thing and he practically hanged the phone on me saying it will be disconnected on the 23rd of July, end off.

    I am fuming, never going with them again i can tell you.
    What shall I do now?


    • Hi Ben . Do what I ended up doing. Just log a court case against them in your local court. Record all calls to them
      Send them a letter telling them they have 28 days to produce a final response . Then just sue them immediately don’t wait .

      • Beachbum Says:

        How did you get on suing them and what was your complaint? Can you advise what the time limit is for suing them after they have given a final response?

  96. to cancel film channel have to take outnew contrat. been with them since 2013

  97. I’m presently suing virgin media / mobile in basildon county court . Anyone want to bring a case of . Non existent customer service thus making contracts void . Should join me in making a group case . Or charged for cancelled contracts . Or been charged for insurance but not granted a claim . EVERYONE NEEDS TO START RECORDING THEIR CALLS TO VIRGIN CUSTOMER SERVICE . MOST CONTRACTS ARE SOLD OVER THE PHONE TO YOU . IT IS NOT UNREASONABLE TO EXPECT TO BE ABLE TO SORT ANY PROBLEMS WITH THEM IN THE SAME MANNER . EXCEPT VIRGIN DON’T DO THAT . DO THEY ? WHY ELSE ARE WE ALL HERE SAYING SIMULAR THINGS . THOUSANDS OF US BUT ONLY ONE VIRGIN COMPANY . THERE’S NO SMOKE WITHOUT FIRE .

  98. What a sack of Shit virgin media are I’ve just done a (on virgin media’s own site) broadband test because it keeps dropping out to be told there are no problems even though it took me five attempts and even trying to write this is not working properly!!! But you call them and even though the staff are always polite there are no problems! Which leads me to believe virgin media have bigger problems! I shall be moving to sky media very soon, cheaper and from what I hear more reliable, at least the sky box can’t be as slow as the TiVo box could possibly be!

    • Chris wright Says:

      Here here . Virgin media . Virgin mobile . Most unhelpful company ever launched. We should all club together and bring a partition to the government’s door to have them removed from society . Worse than banks . They don’t listen to their customers. They care about their customers. They are just bullies . A big pile of shit . I totally agree .

  99. I ordered virgin media broadband on the 12th of September 2016, was informed it take up to 10 day after i paid the £25 deposit. 2 days later i received a letter informing me it would installed on the 19th of October 2016, again on the 27th of September 2016 i received a text saying the work would now take 6 to 8 weeks. When i phone to say I wanted to cancel as withing less than 2 weeks id been told 3 different dates, I was told they would charge me for the remainder of the contract a full 18 months at £37.00 per month. This was followed by if I call into a virgin store I could pick up a dongle to get internet access but i would have to buy the dongle and top it up to use it. Since November 12016 when the 8 weeks was up. every time i phoned I was told my problem would be essculated and i would receive a call in the next 48 hours, this went on into mid December when I was told a date of the 3rd of January 2017 had been book as the had the right permit to carry out work, I took more time off work no-one turned up, since then no-one at virgin media will speak to me just i will get a call back in 48 hours, I eventually got a call on the 8th of February 2017 informing me new permit had been obtained for the 13th 14th and 15th of February 2017. We its now the 16th of February no work as been done. lets see what shit they come out with today.

  100. Mike Robe Says:

    Tead your blog with interest. I think you are wise and doing the right thing. I told vm i was leaving and they then offered me a package that I didnt want at more cost than I was presently paying. I couldnt get it through to them that i didnt want phone or tv package, and all they could say was but it only costs £xx and you can cancel in a year.. they wont listen

  101. nanette Gray Says:

    Virgin suck so bad its gone beyond a joke for me. I am seriously pulling out my hair as i sit here losing business hand over fist, whilst trying to deal with the morons on the end of the phone that simply have no clue what they are doing. This used to be a great company, now its so bad, if i were a share holder id sell sell sell and run away!

  102. Tony Dugmore Says:

    Since Virgin Media moved their call centre staff to India I have been inundated with INTERNATIONAL calls with nobody on the other end of the line.
    I phoned their call centre to ask them to block international calls and a woman speaking bad English said she would block them immediately. Two days later and 5 international calls listed on my phone (no number) I phone customer services again. This time some Indian person nearly deafened me with a squeaky voice. I explained I should not be getting calls and was told call barring for unknown numbers could be activated but it will cost me £2.74 a month. I agreed to signing up for that service just to stop so many unwanted international calls. I had to endure calls for a further 24 hours before it kicked in.
    Next day 3 calls, next day 4 calls, next day 3 calls. All international.
    I phoned customer services to find out what was going on. I was again deafened by a high pitched Indian male voice who spoke bad English. He said I was put through to the wrong department so I demanded I speak with a manager. He cut me off and after deafening music for around 5 minutes a Woman with a clear English accent spoke to me. I told her the problem and her response shocked me.
    She said that although the service I’d signed up to could block calls from “SOME” withheld numbers it couldn’t stop international calls. She said some overseas phone services didn’t provide a number while some others do!!! If this is the case why can’t they block the withheld international numbers? She couldn’t offer any satisfactory expansion so I cancelled the call blocking service, which only blocks UK callers who hide their numbers if they are not listed as legally blocked. What is legally blocked? She didn’t know that one, but after reading Virgin Media’s call blocking information Even I was confused. If someone asks their service provider to block their number you cannot stop that call from getting though to you.
    I now believe they cannot block international calls because their call centres are international. I also believe staff could be selling phone numbers to other call centres because they are so badly paid.
    The quality of customer services provided by Virgin Media has definitely gone from reasonable to diabolical. Their 150 service is not designed to make any complaints and it is difficult to make them understand any issues you have.
    I live around 9 miles away from a major Virgin Media UK call centre, but getting through to them is problematic. I think it is just to sign people up and not deal with current customers.
    I will be leaving Virgin Media soon. BT seams to be plugging a reasonable service.

    My services:-
    Virgin phone
    Virgin TV Fun
    Virgin Internet 70Mg – (Normally 85Mg)
    Virgin mobile x 2

    A lot of business for them to lose out on.

    • virgin is now owned by some faceless usa corp

      called liberty global in 2013

      dont touch virgin with a barge poll even

      this us delware organisation just wants money for nothing end off

      the delware front conceals who actually owns it
      even the annual reports are concealed !?
      so that gives you some idea how it operates

  103. Safia Rage Says:

    I am very appalled with Virgin Media services. A year ago I got a package (TV, phone line and broadband). Their internet connection was weak and it was frustrating us. So I called them and they told me that I need to upgrade to biger package so I did.

    This meant paying more money and did not resolve the issue. After that I called them several times each time adding more money to the monthly price. In October 2017, I told them that I did not need their services anymore because it was not improving. Since then, I called them three times and each time I was told that there is no record that you asked cancellation and they need at least one month notice. I am fed up with this and I shouldn’t be paying three times more for very poor connection.

    I will take further action to claim my money back from them whather or not they cancel the the services.

  104. Despite promising me a refund for months after I left for Sky all I got was more bills. I took them to court to get my refund which worked.

  105. Richard Harvey Says:

    I agree I think Virgin take the piss once you sign up they just increase your account by huge amounts no explanation they really are the pits .

  106. I’m thinking of cancelling virgin for sky. I’m supposed to get 100 mbps but tonight it’s 10mbps. Why the hell should I pay for what I don’t get?
    Wake up virgin, you are about to lose another customer.

  107. […] controversy). Some of the most popular posts have not been about science at all, including  my rant about Virgin Media and a post about the last episode of Inspector […]

  108. Well done you for scrapping off Virgin media services. I have been a victim over and again…I joined them in November 2017 and since then I have had to request they send their technician in to ascertain that I had never accrued an overwhelming landline bill despite having no one at home using it as I had never ever connected a physical phone. I have made 99 phone calls from my mobile to Virgin (half of which were disconnected by very crude irresponsible staff members whosee only speciality was to transfer calls from one tired staff to the next). My last bill was £113 pounds despite having requested landlines disconnection 2 months earlier…I finally received the package to pack and return their equipments in….why can’t Virgin media pick their own equipments just like they sent them in.on this one, I have every plan to hold this Virgin media monster by its it’s horns….I’m not going to get our of my way to send it out… it is wrong to charge customers for no service…that is institutionAl abuse..but I suggest they retrain all their staff who handle phones. ..poor Virgin owner… poor customers

  109. Interesting. This is 6 years ago, but I’m having a similar experience with Virgin Media now. I’ve been Virgin Media them since they took over from NTL, whom I was originally with, so it’s been a fair while. Due to a change in circumstances, I called Virgin Media last year to tell them I’d be leaving them, as my financial standing had drastically worsened, and consequently could no longer afford their expensive tariffs. To their credit, they offered me an extremely good bespoke deal to stay on one more year on a new contract at a very reasonable rate. For the entire year, the price remained the same, surprisingly.

    Anyway, back in August this year (2018), I decided that I would leave them this time for certain, as my bill would increase per month by just shy of £30 per month (from £26.70 per month to £56) for the same bundle I’d been on almost the past 12 months. Concerned that I’d forget to cancel in time before going out of contract and being billed £56 per month (for the ‘Player Bundle’), I called well in advance (by about 3 months) to notify them that I won’t be renewing my contract with Virgin once it expires, thus leaving them at the end of said 12 month contract. I was told I could only do this within 30 days of the contract expiring (which I think is very crafty and underhand policy as most companies, for example, such as insurance, permit you to opt-out of auto-renewal policies at the beginning or any time during the contract, as they will simply let you know when your policy will expire and giving you a chance to renew with them before it runs out), and could call back as late as November 6th 2018 to cancel without going into next bill outside of the contract. I did this, and was told that they could offer me another bespoke 12 month contract at £40 per month (as opposed to the £56 it should have been) if I decided to stay with them. I asked them if I could think about it, and asked them how long it would be until I could make a final decision on whether to stay with them at £40 per month for the next 12 months, or to cancel, before going into the next month’s bill (at £56 – which I made clear to them, I didn’t want to happen). Oddly enough, I was told I had until the 24th November 2018 (so in 1 week’s time) to either take the £40 offer or cancel. If I told them nothing, then I’d be billed henceforth at £56 per month (at least until the next annual price hike). So, having today decided that I would leave Virgin Media for another media rival (I won’t say which), am I now being told that I should have notified them no later than October to cancel with them, thus ending my 12 month contract and thus avoiding the £56 tariff. I am now being told that the earliest I can be disconnected is the 17th December (so that’s in line with the 30 day cancellation policy), and I’ll have to pay up until, and refunded the remainder of what I don’t use. Except, this isn’t what I was told by the two other advisers at Virgin Media, earlier this month, and back in August. In fact, all three advisers have told me a different story regarding the cancellation cut off point. So either, they’ve accidentally given me erroneous information quite possible, as Virgin Media’s billing is a convoluted mess) or I’ve been deliberately misled. Whichever it is, I’ve made it known that I won’t be taking this lying down, and have demanded for the any forthcoming bill to be rescinded. I’m awaiting a call back from higher management in order to resolve this. However, if the resolution isn’t to my satisfaction (i.e the bill isn’t rescinded), then I might just pay a trip to my bank and cancel any debit transactions that way.

    • Frank,

      Be careful – if you cancel DD, they will put entries on your credit file and get debt collecting agencies to pester you. They will happily screw up your credit file for £peanuts.

      This is probably illegal, but they will argue you didn’t pay the last payment in the agreement, and Virgin will not back down as they are a virus that won’t die. It’s not worth wasting your time with them.

      To avoid that, write to them and make a FORMAL COMPLAINT so it is logged as such.

      State they must respond in writing by letter or to your email.

      State the dates you informed them via telephone about leaving the contract and refer to your contract terms for cancellation.

      State you have complied with the terms of cancellation and need a written response that they received and understood the contract has ended and that no more money will be debited from the account from the specific date.

      State you will cancel the DD and this letter is a notification to remind them to update their system and remove your details.

      State when you think the payments should stop based on your notifications to cancel the contract.

      Ask for a response in 10 Business days and no later than COB (date at tend of 10 days)

      Send recorded delivery.

      When I took Virgin to the Ombudsman, the Ombudsman stated I could not prove that Virgin had lied and stated I should have recorded the call!

      Ombudsman is a JOKE…waste of your time. Try and get it sorted with Virgin so you can leave them clean without problems.

      Start recording your calls to any firms, services, government departments. After I dealt with virgin, I downloaded a phone app that records my calls. I wish I had done this before.

      The reason there are never any email addresses to firms, and why they use stupid “internet forms” is they don’t want to leave a paper trail…that helps us customers. They want to talk on the phone…less transparent for you, but they record you. They will not provide the recordings easily. Even the playing field and record all your calls.

      Frank – download an app to your mobile. Make sure you know how it works and it records. You are allowed to record calls for your own use.

      Good luck!


  110. The biggest mistake of my life was to change from ee to virgin richard branson your a arse hole and your virgin media is shite now I’m stuck with the worst network there is for 2 years aaaaaarrrrrr think I’ll just pay the fine for early termination better than putting up with this rubbish network

  111. Virgin Media customers are stating that they are unable to get a breakdown of prices in their package, this information is available on your account but VM do not want to give it to you, I have been with the many years and I have had a full breakdown of every item price when I requested them without too much hassle except for now.
    VM claim that a full breakdown is on our bills but it is not, it can be viewed on our accounts, although they were being difficult this year it took just 8 minutes for VM to find and send me the information I wanted.

  112. Wendy Mason Says:

    Does anyone have their phone on their router instead of their landline if so do you get bleeping whilst n a call? Do you mind being interrupted whilst on a call! Do you find they start charging befire you have connected? Do bleeps irritateyou whilst you are soeakingon a call? Do you get charged fir doing 1471 and then being out through? Do you mind being on this bleeping router? Wendy

  113. virgin are a joke the worst service i have ever had the displeasure to receive after xmas im out of it i cant stand it any longer 50 odd quid a month for unreliable sporadic crap internet, appalling wi fi unless you want to pay for boosters well guess what you mugs i pay too much as it is without paying for those too,honestly there should be a law against cowboys like you lot you are no better than dick turpin,you have no english call centres no one can ever understand the people on the phone on the rare occasion that it gets answered, and when it is answered all they say is reboot modem which is about as much use as a chocolate teapot, the tv i cant fault it works great, landline also, internet is shocking and appalling and i would never recommend it to anybody under any circumstances.

    • Jennifer Lovegrove Says:


  114. Alan overton Says:

    I have cancelled my contract on 22 Jan over the phone but still not had cut off date I have a new provider on 23 Feb but trying to get intouch with virgin is impossible I will not pay anything else to virgin if it’s not sorted out and will take further action against them

  115. Debbie porter Says:

    I’m very disappointed with virgin media, they have ruined the drive, with a shaped concrete thing, Iovet the black cable ,I spent ages clearing after them..
    It looked a mess the next day .. they didn’t even give us a choice of what could be done, we complained, a chap.came back a few days later, said he would be there the next day at 8am, to sort the mess, that was 3 months ago, they came back after alot if phone calls, but now have broken more paving etc.. as bad as the other works..

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