Tough Tenors

I found this on Youtube recently and couldn’t resist posting it. I actually have a vinyl LP of the album Tough Tenors, featuring Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis and Johnny Griffin as the eponymous rugged saxophonists, but it’s one I haven’t yet transferred to digital. As the album title suggests, Messrs Davis and Griffin play their instruments in a  very muscular fashion, so at teams it seems like music to lift weights by, but they play with a great deal of imagination too. Here, for example, is very original version of the Dizzy Gillespie/Chano Pozo composition Tin Tin Deo, with a particularly fabulous solo by Johnny Griffin.

P.S. The album was recorded in 1962, and the other musicians were Horace Parlan (piano), Ben Riley (drums) and Bud Catlett (bass).

One Response to “Tough Tenors”

  1. This was made after Jaws collaborated, with Basie’s permission, with the Sax No End recording, the Francy Boland Big band. It was made by MPS IN 1970. Jaws was last with Basie, 1966to 1973. Have you guessed, I am aSaxophonist, who met Jaws 1969, actually. I am known as the UK authority on Jaws.

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