Winterreise – Im Dorfe

It’s quite difficult to catch the snow as it’s falling with a simple camera like the one on my Blackberry, but here’s an attempt taken yesterday…

As pure as the driven slush...

As pure as the driven slush…


Anyway, today it’s cold again and it’s started snowing again and I’m going to be working late again finishing this wretched report,  so I thought I’d take a quick break to post some suitably wintry music. This is from the wonderful recording of Winterreise by Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears, complete with sheet music so you can sing along. The piano accompaniments for Schubert’s songs are so simple only a genius could have written them…

4 Responses to “Winterreise – Im Dorfe”

  1. They’re a joy to play too, if you get a tidy singer.

    There is a temptation to go a bit overboard with this one, what with the dogs barking and chains rattling and all [woof woof woof woof woof woof WOOF!], but Britten plays here with a nice restraint.

    • telescoper Says:

      Indeed. Britten’s playing on these recordings is marvellously subtle – he does very interesting things with some of the piano parts, but never in a way that’s intrusive.

      I understand that the BBC is going to broadcast the whole of the Britten-Pears Winterreise on Radio 3 as part of this year’s Britten centenary (he was born in November 1913), but I don’t know the date yet.

  2. Thanks for posting this. Performed Winterreise (on a warm, sunny afternoon in Berkeley!) and studiously avoided hearing other interpretations—to me this one is far less about winter and misery & longing and much more a criticism of bourgeois life & concerns in their shut-in, commercial world. But this is an incredibly beautiful and moving reading, and of course the singing and playing are superb.

  3. And an example (hard to express in words, but just listen!) of by how far Schubert outstrips W. Müller.

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