Slightly Famous?


7 Responses to “Slightly Famous?”

  1. The library at the Hamburg Observatory (which is quite extensive, with regard to both journals and books (including many historical volumes) and at one time subscribed to all journals) once featured in a soap opera where, IIRC, it was a library at some medical institute.

    Then there was a rock video filmed at Jodrell Bank and IIRC another one featuring the Ryle telescope. And Arecibo makes an appearance in a James Bond film.

  2. The ESO hotel was the building in Quantum of Solace with the health and safety nightmare hydrogen pipes.

    My parents’ house was used in Casualty. There was someone on the television putting clothes into their tumble dryer, it was quite a strange feeling.

    Also some episodes of the Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes series were filmed around my old flat in Canning St, Liverpool. It stands in for Victorian London quite a bit.

    It’s fun.

  3. Or infamous…or not even a blip on the screen or consciousness. If you do not care about privacy I guess you might go with it, would suggest ignoring same! Imagine the hassle of fitting around filming requirements. Too stressful by far.

  4. Anton Garrett Says:

    That’s clearly a misprint for the new physics series CAUSALITY.

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