Farewell to Cardiff…

Well, it’s my last day of official employment at Cardiff University and I’ve just finished my last big job, checking and collating the marks for the module I taught last semester. That done, I thought I’d have a quick sandwich before packing up a few final bits and pieces, vacating the old office, and handing in my keys.

There was a gathering in the department yesterday afternoon to celebrate my departure, followed by drinks and a nice dinner (at the splendid Purple Poppadom, although the Poppadoms weren’t actually Purple).

The Head of the School of Physics and Astronomy at Cardiff University, Prof. Walter Gear, made a little speech at my departmental send-off before handing me a nice card as well as a gift voucher for the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the generosity shown by the good folks of PHYSX – the gift voucher will mean I can afford a few trips from Brighton to the Opera in London, even at Covent Garden’s outrageous prices.

I’ll miss the department here, especially the people that work and/or study here who have put up with me for the past five and a half years or so. Other things I’ll miss about Cardiff include Welsh National Opera, of course, for its excellence and (relative inexpensiveness).

But I’m not going completely just yet. I still have two PhD students and three 4th year project students to look after, so I’ll be coming back from time to time to meet with them. I’ll also be keeping the house in Pontcanna until the summer, so I’ll have a pied-a-terre here when I come back, either for work or for the Opera.

Anyway, I just wanted to say a public “thank you” to Walter for his kind words yesterday, for the support he has given me over the years, and especially last summer, and the generosity he showed in agreeing so quickly to transfer my STFC grant to Sussex. Would that everyone I’ve worked with had acted so unselfishly…

Now, to finish packing….

9 Responses to “Farewell to Cardiff…”

  1. Monica Grady Says:

    All the best for Sussex.

  2. Adrian Burd Says:

    Good luck in your move and new job!


  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Would you consider getting a cat once you are fixed in Brighton?

  4. Bryn Jones Says:

    Good luck in the new job. I hope everything goes excellently.

    Incidentally, I beat Peter when it comes to leaving the Cardiff physics and astronomy department: I did it twice.

  5. Best of luck. I was a student of your and Prof Jon Davies’ Particle and Nuclear Physics module in 2008/9, which I enjoyed but perhaps didn’t make obvious enough with my module mark…

    It was your interesting accent that drew me to look for your biography/profile which then led to my finding your blog. I’ve been reading ever since.

    Pob hwyl yn Brighton

  6. leighmorgan1 Says:

    Best of luck to you on your new journey.

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