..and hello from Sussex!

Well, nearing the end of my first day in my new job at the University of Sussex, I can safely say that I’m more than a bit knackered. I’ve had a day filled with meetings as well as devoid of lunch. On the other hand I did manage to get the keys to my new office and, after some fiddling about, am now connected to the interwebs. They’ve even given me a nice new badge in case I forget who I am.


I didn’t get to leave Cardiff yesterday until later than I’d imagined I would and then managed to miss the train and had to wait an hour in Cardiff station. In the end I didn’t make it to my temporary lodgings until well after 11. I crashed out and slept like a log, and only just managed to drag myself out of bed to get to the campus in time for the first meeting.

My new office is very nice, although it looks a bit empty at the moment because all my boxes are still in Cardiff awaiting the attentions of hunky removal men. Here’s a picture taken yesterday by Dan Read in my old office…


..having finished packing I was about to add the final touch and clean my whiteboard, but I was persuaded that it’s such a work of art that, far from cleaning it off, I should actually sign it. So I did. No doubt it will be cleaned off soon, if it hasn’t been already.

Anyway, a weekend in Brighton now beckons which I’m going to start by doing down the pub for a pint, which may be the first of many…

16 Responses to “..and hello from Sussex!”

  1. Mathematical & physical sciences. Very nice. Congrats 🙂

  2. Anton Garrett Says:

    Is that pint a different brand of bitter from the Cardiff pubs? Congratulations!

  3. Anton Garrett Says:

    Glad that the new commentary box is up to scratch.

  4. George Jones Says:

    When I last changed jobs, it took ages to get keys to my new office. I had to complete a safety checklist before a key could even be ordered. Material I had to read first included advice on the proper posture to use while sitting at and typing on a keyboard.

    Another example of what I had to read in order to get keys to my office:

    “Encounters with aggressive bears are extremely rare and attacks are even rarer. If you encounter a bear:

    • Remain calm and assess the situation.
    • Respect the bear’s need for space.
    • Never approach a bear for any reason.
    • Be predictable and try not to surprise a bear.
    • If the bear is in the distance, try to make a wide detour or leave the area.
    • If you suddenly come face to face with a bear…back away slowly while facing the bear, preferably moving in the direction you came from. DO NOT RUN.
    • Talk in a normal, non-threatening tone of voice so the bear can identify you as a human.
    • If a bear approaches, don’t panic! Speak firmly and wave arms or a stick above your head to make your presence bigger. Continue to leave the area.”

  5. Michael Kenyon Says:

    Are there many bears in Brighton? 🙂

  6. Well, congratulations, Professor [ checking sign ] Sciences!

  7. Adrian Burd Says:

    Is MAPS still in the same old building, and did you get Roger Taylor’s old office, or has everything moved?

    • telescoper Says:

      MAPS has only recently been reformed (as MPS). It was split up and parts (including Astronomy) have been in different buildings on the campus. It’s now back in the same place, now called the Pevensey Building. Maths occupy the corridor leading to the old MOLS where the Astronomy Centre was when I first went there in 1985.

      My office is on the ground floor, near the main entrance. I believe that it was occupied by James Hirschfield in the old days..

      • Hmmm…if memory serves Jim Skea and I shared an office overlooking the carpark at the back of the building and you shared an office on the other side of the corridor. I do recall some late night corridor shenanigans that some of us would get up to when needing a break, that nice long corridor was great for a variety of ball games.

      • telescoper Says:

        Yes, my office looked out along the side of MOLS – which reminds me of the day I was staring vacantly in that direction when there was an explosion in one of the labs and the window blew out. Quite exciting.

  8. Please have a look on attached paper.

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  11. […] checked Facebook, which reminded me that it was exactly five years ago today that I left Cardiff to take up the job of Head of Mathematical and Physical Sciences at the University of Sussex. One of my last acts was to sign the work of art I left on the whiteboard in my old […]

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