TV Star and Physicist Look-alike?

My attention was drawn yesterday to this remarkable photograph of a very young Professor Brian Cox, the famous particle physicist turned astronomer biologist and media star. I believe it was taken while he was a member of a popular beat combo of some sort. Before seeing this picture I hadn’t realized what people meant when they referred to him as a TV celebrity ….


…geddit? Anyway, I have to say I think the look rather suits him!

I haven’t got time today to trawl the interwebs looking for a lookey-likey, so it’s time for a bit of crowd-sourcing. Anyone care to suggest a celebrity likeness?

P.S. I have done a look-alike for Prof. Cox already.

17 Responses to “TV Star and Physicist Look-alike?”

  1. George Ford Says:

    Kirstie Alley?

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    Brian Cox once looked like that?

    That’s amaaazing.

  3. John Peacock Says:

    Surely this is Cheryl Cole?

    • Mark McCaughrean Says:

      That very brief post from you, John, has to be the single oddest thing I have ever read … in so many ways 😉

  4. Anita Dobson (in her Angie Watts days)? Except she has a closer relationship with astronomy by living with one!

    • Bryn Jones Says:

      Yes, I once sat in the same row as her husband at an RAS meeting.

      That may be my only claim to fame.

      • Mark McCaughrean Says:

        And I had once had a very nice chat with Mrs May when we gave an honorary degree to her hubbie at Exeter. However, at the time I met her, I had no idea that Brian had married into EastEnders nobility, and while discussing the vagaries of liquid nitrogen (well, we were in a physics department), I kept kicking myself mentally, wondering where the hell I had seen her before.

        At some point she mentioned that she was “just an actress” and the penny dropped … all the way back to the days when my daily PhD student routine involved trekking down Blackford Hill to the Kings Buildings in Edinburgh in the evening for a shower in the student union, followed by a dinner of pie, chips, and beans while watching EastEnders (well, it was the mid-80’s and somehow weirdly acceptable at the time). And then back up to the ROE for a night’s work on the VAX …

        Anyway, lovely lady … (and her Brian’s a reasonable chap too).

      • Bryn Jones Says:

        The director of my old research group (this was not at Imperial College, it should be explained) overheard some colleagues discussing Mrs Dobson’s husband completing his thesis. He came to my office for help in clarifying matters and asked me, “Do we have a student called Brian May?”

  5. Before his stint in D:ream, Prof. Cox was the keyboardist in a band called Dare. Although not strictly hair metal, Dare’s music was certainly of its time (late 80s melodic rock).

    More importantly, Dare was formed by Darren Wharton, erstwhile keyboardist with Thin Lizzy. This means that, in terms of musical heritage, Prof. Cox is only one step removed from a certain Philip Parris Lynott.

    I’ll get my coat….

  6. Anton Garrett Says:

    Hair today, gone tomorrow…

  7. “nyone care to suggest a celebrity likeness?”

    Daniel Foreman-Mackey and Sheldon Cooper.

  8. Derinda Says:

    Brian Cox (the physicist) has a look alike in an actor, Ryan Cartwright. Ryan played one of the interns rotating on the TV show Bones on FOX before his character was killed off.

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