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Mardi Gras Special Menu

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2013 by telescoper

Since folk around the world are celebrating Mardi Gras (“Fat Tuesday”) today, I thought I’d pass on the following topically inspired menu:

Mardi Gras Special




Mixed Horse  D’Oeuvres

Colt Consommé

Boiled Trotter


Main Courses


Roast Beef with Mustang

Pot au Foal

Filly Mignon

Frutti di Mare

Mules Marinière




Strawberries with Mascarpony

Red Rum Baba (no added Shergar)

Roast Chestnuts




Thorough Bread


I hope the above menu proves satisfactory but if not please send your suggestions for additions through the comments box…

Fifty Years On

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I missed a sad anniversary yesterday. Fifty years ago, on 11th February 1963, the poet Sylvia Plath took her own life by putting her head in a gas oven. I’ve posted this poem before, but make no apology for posting it again as an act of remembrance..

They enter as animals from the outer
Space of holly where spikes
Are not thoughts I turn on, like a Yogi,
But greenness, darkness so pure
They freeze and are.

O God, I am not like you
In your vacuous black,
Stars stuck all over, bright stupid confetti.
Eternity bores me,
I never wanted it.

What I love is
The piston in motion —-
My soul dies before it.
And the hooves of the horses,
Their merciless churn.

And you, great Stasis —-
What is so great in that!
Is it a tiger this year, this roar at the door?
It is a Christus,
The awful

God-bit in him
Dying to fly and be done with it?
The blood berries are themselves, they are very still.

The hooves will not have it,
In blue distance the pistons hiss.

by Sylvia Plath (1932-63). Rest in peace.